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My favourite Walks in Singapore



Singapore is known for its luscious green surroundings and beautiful architecture, which means you can find amazing walking trails all through this beautiful country. Sometimes when you least expect it, there is one right at your doorstep. From nature reserve to hiking trails, Singapore has many options, so here are a few of my favourite walks in Singapore.

The Best Walks in Singapore 

The Green Corridor 

This 24-kilometre green corridor which was once the railway line from Singapore to Malaysia is now an oasis of greenery that provides a beautiful location to hike, walk and jog. This charming little track allows locals to combine some exercise with beautiful surroundings even worthy of an Instagram shot or two. 

You are best to start at the Bukit Timah Railway station (closest MTR is King Albert Park) and is just a short distance walk to the start of this nature trail. The best route stops at Alexandria Village Food Court which should take you approximately 1 hour 40 minutes (as there is a little work in process, which may see you take a few detours along the way). Ending at the Hawker Market for a well-earned treat. 

Green Corridor

Sungei Buloh wetland

I know that Buloh wetland reserve seems like a trek to get to, but I can promise you it is worth the travel. This nature park has a little bit of everything in it, education, wildlife and lots of coverage to ensure the walk is an enjoyable one. 

For the avid bird spotters, there is plenty of wildlife to keep you, and the rest of the family entertained for hours. You can be swept away by the beauty of this place, and it is hard to believe you are still in Singapore. With Malaysia in the distance, this wetland reserve is a fun day out for everyone. 

sungei Buloh wetlands

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Bukit Timah Nature is one of my favourites because you will find a few hills which are uncommon in Singapore, better still you will reach the summit in around 45 minutes at a leisurely pace and can be done at any fitness level. 

The Bukit Timah was first established in 1883, and it was one of the first forest reserves in Singapore. It was also declared an ASEAN heritage park in 2011 and is recognised as historical importance with the Bukit Timah Hill being the last place British Military stood before the British Army surrounded. 

If you feel like you have a little more fuel in the tank, keep walking for another 6kms, and you will reach Macritichie reservoir.

Bukit Timah Reserve

MacRitichie Reservoir 

Macritchie has always been the most popular hiking trail I have visited in Singapore and for several reasons. This nature walk is close to the city but feels like you are miles away. With excellent walking paths that are approximately 10 km long, there is enough wildlife to keep the kids entertained for most of the walk. 

Although the treetop walk is currently closed until May 2021, there is plenty to see in Macritchie. With monkey’s galore and if you look close enough you might see a snake or two!  


Singapore Botanic Garden

I know I have written about Singapore Botanic Garden before, but it always intrigues me that I can see something new every time I visit. There is so much to love about these gardens, whether you decide to discover it from head to toe or grab a picnic basket and spend the afternoon playing with the kids. 

At the moment the National Orchard Garden is free entry, so it is a great time to explore this part of The Botanic Garden. If it is an educational experience, you are after, no problem! Head over to Heritage Museum for a little bit of Singapore history. 

Finish off at Bee’s knees for brunch or lunch depending on the time of day you go exploring and then treat yourself to guilt-free icecream at Juju’s bar where the ice cream is made from all-natural ingredients with half the calories of regular ice cream. 

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Southern Ridges

For this hike starts at Harbourfront MRT, take in Mount Faber Park and Henderson Waves, stop here to take in the award-winning bridge that is 274m long and is worth taking the opportunity to enjoy a photo or two. Continue along and finish at Kent Ridge Park. With loads of variety, lots to see and some beautiful views, it is worth the 10km trail.

The battle of Pasir Panjang Ridge is an integral part of Singapore’s history. It can be seen throughout Kent Ridge Park as a reminder of the brave soldiers that defender this country against the Japanese. My favourite part of this hike is the canopy walk which will see you walking 280 metres above on a boardwalk where you will find yourself spotting a beautiful bird or two.

Henderson Wave

 Thomson nature park.

 Start at upper Pierce Reservoir where this beautiful trail starts your journey. Stand alongside this tranquil lakeside and take a few photos before heading down to Lower Pierce Reservoir. You can be mistaken by thinking you are in another country!

Here you will find many monkeys who feel right at home with you walking past them as they take no notice of you unless you have snacks that they can smell a mile away! This enjoyable trail will find you weaving in and out of tracks of your choosing, with paths that lead you to many beautiful green nature trails. 

Stop halfway and enjoy lunch at Casuarina Curry, where you can feast on a delicious Indian meal at an even better price. Watch them make your meal in front of you where they may have a little flip or two up their sleeve. 

Lower Pierce reservoir walks in singapore

Sentosa Jungle Walk

We all know that there is plenty of things to do on Sentosa Island, but did you know that Sentosa has a beautiful jungle walk at your fingertips? Start at the Merlion and take the escalator to the top, pass the Luge and Skyride, here you will find the nature trails. 

There are a few trails to choose from, and if you are anything like me, getting lost can be pretty easy if you aren’t taking notice of the signs. You will be surprised at what you will find here, from Sentosa Nature Discovery (which is free admission) to Mount Imbah Battery a little bit of something for everyone. 


Fort Canning Park 

Fort Canning Park is found right beside Orchard Road; it won’t take you long to do a lap of the park; however, there is more to For Canning than a lap around the outside path. 

Step inside, and you will find a plethora of history, from English gravestones to Sir Stamford Raffles house of residence. Stop and take in all of the signs because there is more to this park than you think. Every corner you find a little hidden gem. 

You could spend an entire day here exploring many little areas of the park and engulfing yourself in Singapore’s history by starting at the Battlebox with a self-guided tour of the war tunnels of world war II. 

Other places worth mentioning are the Pancur Larangan (or the Forbidden Spring), Raffles Garden, The Sang Nila Utama Garden, Spice Garden Archaeological Excavation Site and National Museum Singapore. 

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