Renewing our vows

“22 years of married bliss”, said nobody ever! I can say though, that in the 22 years of marriage we have come out the other end pretty damn proud of ourselves. We have lived through the good times: we have toughed it out during the bad times, and we have pulled together through all the times in-between

Our marriage is a work in progress, one that we are always looking to improve. One that we are still learning from as we hit new stages in our lives. We learn from each other; from our situations and most of all, we learn from our surroundings, our kids and family.

22 year of married bliss

So who would have thought that in 22 years of married bliss we could have created three beautiful kids, adopted one fantastic rescue dog, lived in 7 different countries and moved house 15 time’s (not including the three times in Sydney)?
Who can believe that we have travelled to 21 countries (I think I’ve kind of lost count) and countless destinations together? We’ve celebrated this special day in 8 locations around the world, and we have only been separated on one occasion (surprising I know!).

I’m blessed to have spent 22 years with this man, or 8030 days (but who’s counting!?) This includes 44 birthdays of our own, 22 Christmas’s in 8 countries, and we have sung “happy bday” to our kids 54 times. After 20 years of marriage, we decided to renew our vows (actually he decided, and I said “Yes!”) because once just wasn’t enough. We have blown out 1452 candles of our own, and we have eaten more than 88 easter eggs between us.

Do opposites attract?

It is rare to say that you have found a perfect match, but I think we have found it in each other (either that or he is tolerating me big time). He is everything I am not; he is patient (well, most of the time), and forgiving (especially when the credit card bill comes), and he is supportive (with all of my quirky ideas). He is positive and driven, and he is loyal (I hope they are things I am too because otherwise, we have a problem.

He makes me laugh, when I am not in the mood, he makes me smile when I am supposed to be mad at him, and he makes me believe in myself when I am full of doubt.

Our Anniversary

It is also his year to pick our anniversary dinner (which he never disappoints), so I am expecting something big (no pressure darl)!!! Remember your last choice was an eternity ring, a surprise trip to Mexico and a renewing of our vowels.
All jokes aside, knowing that he is by my side, I feel like I can conquer any mountain and tackle every obstacle that life throws at us. Super lucky to call him my best friend, confidant, husband and soul mate. Here’s to another 22 years with you by my side, or behind me pushing my wheelchair! Either way, another 22 years of this roller coaster we call life.


22 years of married bliss
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