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Bringing back that Christmas spirit

Melbourne Christmas

Who said having teenage kids means you can’t enjoy the festive season? Sure, there are no more scattering around Christmas eve waiting for the kids to go to sleep or we are no longer leaving carrots and milk out for the reindeers, but we are still enjoying the festive season, by bringing back that Christmas spirit.

Santa’s photo

How many you ask? Well, let me start by getting our annual Santas photo (or at least a photo by the Christmas tree). Yep, it is all booked in (dog and all), and yes I might be the only excited person in the house to have this one done.

santa Christmas spirit

Christmas Spirit Lights

We may not be in snow country for Christmas, but it doesn’t stop our fellow neighbours by getting out the Christmas lights. I am looking forward to googling to find out where the best Christmas light display is this year. Why not park the car and walk the streets to see the houses up close and personal? You are never too old to love Christmas light displays.

christmas lights syd

The City Christmas Spirit Display

Yep, this is the benchmark of Christmas Displays! Whether you are heading straight for the big Christmas tree, or you’d prefer the department store window displays, there is a little something for everyone. If you are thinking of getting your Santa photo in the city, get there early!

Christmas Spirit Markets

Australia may not have the Christmas markets you can find in Germany, but they are worth a look. You can find all sorts of hidden gems in these markets dotted in and around the city. You may even be lucky enough to see them in a neighbourhood close to you.

Christmas Movies

Yes, I am one of those people that swap my weekly tv shows for some Christmas movies. Whether they are the old favourites that I watched as a child or they are the newer Christmas releases, they are all enjoyable to watch during this time of year.

palace theatre

Christmas Eve

It doesn’t matter where we are spending Christmas, Christmas mass is something we try to attend (some countries it is impossible to find a church). Singing Christmas Carols no matter what age you are, allows you to feel that Christmas spirit.


Giving to those in need

Charity is an excellent idea at any time of year, but during Christmas, you are reminded what Christmas is all about. Whether you choose a charity in need during a crisis like Wires or a charity that helps those in need at Christmas like Mission Australia, it all makes a difference. There are many places to drop presents to around the country also, so wrap a gift, write the age and gender on the front and pop it under many of the trees you find in department stores or shopping malls.

Carols by Candlelight

Carols by Candlelight locations are all over Sydney, whether you choose Carols in the Domain or one in your neighbourhood. Nothing Screams Christmas spirit more than belting out Christmas Carols with an entire field full of people, sitting on your camping chairs or picnic blanket drinking a little Christmas cheer.

Christmas spirit

Spending time with those we love

Of course, I must add spending time with friends and family. There is nothing better than an impromptu catch up or a long-awaited Christmas celebration. It is the perfect excuse to arrange a catch up with those that mean the most.

It doesn’t matter where you are spending Christmas or how old your children are, Christmas brings out the best in people (well, most people anyway), so it’s easier than you think to bring out the Christmas spirit.

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