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Tips for styling your table this Christmas 

Christmas table

It is almost time for Santa to start stacking his sleigh with gifts; yes, Christmas has snuck up on me this year as it is now officially around the corner! By now, we have two types of people, the “already done!” type of people and the “OMG! I need to start buying gifts!” kind of people. Either way, this blog post is for everyone because I am not here to give you gift ideas (I have already done that previously). Now it is time to figure out how to dress up your table for Christmas! 

I have teamed up with Olive and Olive Interiors for some insight into “all things Christmassy”, and I am excited to share “Tips for styling your table this Christmas” with you. But first, who is Olive and Olive? 

christmas candles

Who is behind the brand Olive and Olive Interiors? 

Karen has spent half of her life (and all of her married Life) living abroad, with years of travel under her belt meant years of world inspiration to make this brand happen. Sure, the company is named after her beloved dog Olive, but her style and creative flair all come down to many years of sorting through markets and little-known boutiques worldwide. Once an expat, now back in her native England, she is bringing her love of passion right to your doorstep, with gorgeous interiors that will have you coming back for more (I know, because I have many, many times). 

karen Sisterson expat

Tips for styling your table this Christmas 

Pick your colour scheme

We all know that Christmas is not just red and green anymore. There are many factors to consider; these include where you are spending Christmas, who you are spending Christmas with and what will the temperature be outside. 

Suggestion – These Circle Velvet Cushion are a perfect backdrop for your chairs. They are large and made of soft velvet with a circular pattern. A feather inner will have you sinking into this cushion during your Christmas meal. They are available in many colours. 

cushions for christmas styling

Play with patterns

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, tables were decorated the same every year. With little thought, more about what will be eaten and who is coming for Christmas. Now, Christmas gives you a plethora of choices and what better way to say “thank you” to evolution than to embrace it. 

Suggestion – Who said setting a Christmas table couldn’t be fun? Try these SAND Ceramic Vases that are Natural in colour with a cheeky little face, which adds a little interest to display your flowers.

vase christmas table

Set the tone

Before you start preparing your Christmas menu, try to grasp what it is your trying to say this Christmas. Setting the tone for Christmas doesn’t just mean who you will be inviting over this year, but also how you want your guests and family members to feel this Christmas. We all know this year more than ever, Christmas is a little more appreciated. 

Suggestion – Candles are a must. They immediately bring a vibe that you cant get visually. Whether you opt for a scent that says “lets party” with notes of Pink Champagne, Rose, Vanilla and Iris, then try Anna Stephenson London – Celebration, this will have your guests ready to party in no time. Or you would instead make the day feel “zen, cosy and inviting” than try burning Amber Soy Candle, which has been Hand poured in Kent, by Chelsea candles. The Woody Scent will have you sipping mulled wine by the fire in no time.

Christmas candles

It is okay to mix and match.

Mixing a little of the old with the new is fine! Do not be afraid to think outside your comfort zone and combine the two. Creating a little meaning behind your decorations gives it a bit more of a unique vibe at Christmas. 

Suggestion – Adding a little old to the mix is a great way to make the table enjoyable – try Cadwell Lantern Antique Gold which adds a little glamour; these little beauties are Handcrafted in India metal antique gold finish with a handle top and glass inner to hold a candle.

olive and olive candle holder

Decorate the entire Dining Room to complement your table

I know I can hear you from here, saying, “what!”. I am not saying that you need to go out of your way and start decorating your room from scratch; what I am suggesting here is to match perhaps your table with either the decorations you have already up this Christmas or add a few little things here and there that will compliment your table this Christmas. 

SuggestionStar Baskets White And Gold come in a Set Of 2 and can look lovely in your room this Christmas. The best part about these little gems is that you can use them for storage during the Christmas period or can be used as a laundry basket all year round. 

christmas baskets

Create a unique table centrepiece

The centrepiece is the focal style point of the Christmas table. Ensure you keep with your colour scheme when designing your centrepiece. Whether you decide to create a garland or wreathe down the centre, pick a beautiful bunch of flowers from your local florist or forage your yard for some unique ideas; make sure you have fun with it. 

Suggestion – Do not forget the candlesticks; these bring intimacy and warmth to any gathering. Try the Agumala Glass Candlestick in Light Gold; the colour of this beautifully etched glass will suit most colour schemes. 

christmas candlestick

Don’t forget the practicality of it all.

Now that we understand what we want the table to look and feel like this Christmas. But have you thought about where all your food and drinks will fit? Ensuring that your table allows for the necessities is an essential factor; who wants a pretty table if you cant provide the food and beverages.

Suggestion – Is it just me, or is Christmas not Christmas without a little bubbly to toast the day/night away in any climate? Try Barleycorn Silver Aluminium Round Footed Champagne Bucket; it will impress any guest. 

drinks bucket

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I hope this post has given you the information you need. If you have any recommendations, tips or advice, I would love for you to share them in the comment section below!

Other things you need to know

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tips for styling your table this christmas

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