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From Self-isolation to Social-Distancing


So last week I spent in self-isolation, for some this would be awful but for me I liked it. I was swamped every day, and although I did have some downtime (I finished my book at least) I had loads to do around the home. So my week went from self-isolation to social-distancing, and it has been just fine.

Last week has seen me spend more time with my kids (at a distance of course), have time to get more work done, start a course I signed up for a couple of months ago, get a chance to chat to The Lost Geographer, have more virtual catch-ups from the luxury of my home and get my garden looking fabulous!

self-isolation to social-distancing

Productive tips

  1. Have an alarm set for weekdays as you would if you were out and about each day.
  2. Have your to-do list ready and tick things off as you go
  3. Schedule virtual meetings and coffee catch-ups, seeing others makes a world of difference.
  4. Ensure you work out regularly, you will need to be creative and think outside the box on some days to ensure you don’t get bored.
  5. Plan breaks, otherwise snacking can become a problem
  6. You will have more time on your hands for work and projects which is great, but you need some downtime too.
  7. Sleep in on the weekend (no alarm needed) so that you know what day of the week it is.
  8. If you have a yard, courtyard or balcony spend as much time out there as possible.  Fresh air and sunshine can change your mood.
  9. Start a new hobby or course – keeping your mind active is important
  10. Pamper yourself, whether you take a luxury bath, give yourself a facial or shave your legs. Every little bit of pampering counts.

staying productive during self-isolation

I am amazed that people are complaining about Social-distancing! When I am so grateful that I can walk outside my front door today. I am looking forward to taking the dog for a walk, going grocery shopping and filling up the car with petrol! All things that were once chores are now the most exciting part of my day. Self-isolation has taught me so much about myself and so much about life in general.

I will no longer take for granted the simple things in life. Like hugging my kids, walking out the front door, visiting family and friends and spending quality time with my husband. I feel blessed that I am here with the kids, that technology has allowed us to have face to face contact with people. That also our home has a yard so that I can get fresh air every day.

In a world full of uncertainty, there is a lot to be thankful for right now. Here are the few things that I have noticed during my time in isolation.

pamper yourself in self-isolation

What I have noticed in self-isolation

  • I have seen the kindness of others first hand!
  • Is it me, or are people friendlier in the outside world (meaning outside my front door)? The postman called out “hello”,which I don’t remember happening before. Also the council workers who are fixing our road expressed how sorry they were that they had to make such a mess outside our house!
  • The world, in general, has become more patient with having to wait in long lines due to social-distancing
  • People have been reaching out and checking on the elderly, the sick or friends in isolation
  • I have even noticed the birds chirping more than usual!!!

Sure during this time, there are going to be people who become more selfish, more aggressive and a lot more nasty! There are always going to be those people in the world anyway. Everyone is going through something different right now. Times will be tough for sure, but it is how you deal with it, that makes all the difference.

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