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Expat Stories!

Tell us a little about yourself,

Where do you live now, and how long have you been there?

Have lived in Singapore for the past 17 years

What do you love about where you live now?

The climate and the efficiency

Have you lived anywhere else?

South Africa, Prague, Warsaw, London, Bangkok, Singapore

Expat Stories Singapore


How it all began

Where are you from originally?

South Africa

What was your reason for moving abroad in the first place?


Has 2020 Changed you? If so, how?

Completed a masters degree in art psychotherapy

Has 2020 changed the way you work?

Yes, working part-time as an art psychotherapist with adolescents with special needs.

How has being an expat changed you?

More understanding of other cultures, more adaptable

What are you working on now?

Working in a small artisanal spirits company in Singapore as well as developing my art therapy practice

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Ingrid Tatham

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