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Jo-Anne Young expat stories

Expat stories!

I always love hearing expat stories about how their expat journey began and Jo-Anne’s story is no different.

Tell us a little about yourself:

1- Where do you live now and how long have you lived there?

I currently live in Sydney, I’ve lived in Sydney for about 40 years.

2- What do you love about where you live now? 

I love Sydney, it’s so vibrant and it doesn’t matter how many times I see the harbour it never ceases to amaze me.

The new adventure 

3- Is this your first trip abroad? 

No, this isn’t my first trip abroad, I’ve been to Los Angeles about 5 times, but I have never lived there.

4- Where are you moving to? 

My daughter and I are moving to Los Angeles.

5- Was it hard to apply for a visa in your new destination? 

I entered the diversity visa lottery in October 2018.  You then wait until the following May to see if you’ve been selected for further processing. We were selected! You are then assigned a case number and when your number is current and you have submitted the documents required. You then go for an interview. Out interview was in early December and we were successful in getting a greencard.

6- What made you decide to move abroad? 

My daughter had said on our last holiday in Los Angeles that she would love to go to high school and college there. So as her Mum, I went about trying to make that happen. And entered the diversity visa lottery.

7- Do you know anyone in your new country? 

I have a very good friend that I’ve known since our late teenage years that lives in Los Angeles.

8 – Were there any support groups that you have found that have helped with your move? 

I have been following a great blog called Brit Simon Says. He also won the diversity visa lottery and he now does that blog and gives great advice and insight to the whole process.

The now 

9- How are your feeling about your upcoming move? 

Well I am feeling very lucky, and also nervous about the move. I guess I’m feeling all kinds of emotions at the moment.

10- What are you looking forward to in your new destination?

I’m looking forward to pretty much everything. I love the vibe in Los Angeles, it is kind of like Sydney but on steroids.

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