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Expat Stories!

Tell us a little about yourself, 

Where do you live now and how long have you been there?

live in the UK, now, and have been here for 2 and a half years.

What do you love about where you live now?

I don’t love being back here, but I do love being in the same time zone as my kids and being able to just get in the car and drive to them. I also love living within a mile of the beach, and an hour from the Lake District. Lots of good walks.

What frustrates you about your host country?

The weather frustrates me to hell, you just can’t plan anything!


The CoronaVirus

How has the CoronaVirus affected you?

We are currently in lockdown, and I am extremely grateful to be in my own house, which is nice and spacious and has a garden big enough to sit in and enjoy.

Where are you now and where is the rest of your family?

I’m stuck here with my 2 kids, Ellie, 21 and TJ, 18.

Are you in self-isolation, lockdown or are you social distancing and what rules do you need to follow?

It’s been a frustrating time for both of them, TJ was in his final year of high school, and Ellie her final year of university. So they are struggling to finish their studies, and have both missed out on their graduating celebrations. I’m a little heartbroken about this, to be honest. I’m a little heartbroken about this, to be honest.

What do you find the hardest about your situation right now?

We are also separated from my husband, he is based in Taiwan, and due to all the flying regulations, he can’t come home. The likelihood is that we won’t see him for 6 months, which is obviously quite upsetting.

Isolation tips

Do you have any tips for anyone in lockdown or self-isolation?

Tips, mmm. Well, I have a list of jobs around the house, a list of programs and films to watch, and Aside from a little bit of boredom snacking, our meals are better planned and healthier. Also trying not to do too much early on, as I think we could be stuck here for some time!

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