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Why are Daycations the new thing in Singapore?

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For most of us around the world, a vacation in 2020 is an unreachable goal. We see us all now planning on staycations, a holiday within our own city, which makes sense. So why then are Daycations the new thing? 

Once upon a time (last year, but it feels like so much longer), we were researching new places to vacation at, whether it was domestic or international. It didn’t matter; a holiday is a holiday! There is nothing quite like googling fun things to do, great restaurants to dine at or fantastic places to sleep the night. 

For most of us, packing your bag full of vacation clothes, hopping on a plane or packing up the car for your road trip was half the fun! How to fill a few hours in waiting for your plane to take off or sitting in the vehicle’s passenger seat was somehow relaxing. 



So now that the year in three-quarters of the way through and for most of us, vacation has been a distant memory. Staycations were popping up all over my social media feed.

Months of looking at other people’s great little mini getaways included everything from relaxing by the poo to showing off the fantastic hotel views. In other words, they were taking a break from working from home and living like a hermit. 

The Westin Hotel


So here we are, we have now exhausted the staycation idea, where spending a crazy amount of money on a hotel that is in the next suburb, or sometimes even just down the road, will no longer cut it. 

Then along comes the daycation idea! So what is a daycation? Well, the dictionary defines it as “a day trip or a one-day vacation”. What this means is that you can spend the day at a luxury hotel without the added cost of an overnight stay. 

Imagine this, arriving as if you were staying the weekend, enjoying the pool facilities, receiving vouchers for food and beverages or spa treatments. Using all amenities that this luxury hotel has to offer, the only difference is that you would be packing your things up at the end of the day and returning home to sleep that night. 

With a place as small as Singapore, this seems ideal, as the island is so tiny it feels like a waste of money to spend the night in a luxury hotel when your own home is only a few kilometres away. 

Daycations are great because you can grab a group of friends, enjoy the day as if you were on vacation and still be home in time to pick up the kids from school; now that is a Daycation, isn’t it? 

Daycation with kids

How do I find a hotel for my Daycation?

You can choose to use a specified website like Dayuse or opt to contact your favourite hotel and do a little checking for yourself. If you aren’t quite sure where to start, well, then the Shangri-la has a great offer; it seems to be the hottest deal right now.

If you feel the need to enjoy the amenities for the day and the room, then Fairmont has a Daycation with the room included. It is a perfect day out for you and your family during school holidays; it may not be the four seasons (however, that is also another option), but it is in a great location, and the kids will love it.

Goodbye cabin fever, hello holiday vibes!


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