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We all know how stressful travelling can be at the best of times, whether you are flying solo or travelling with a companion. Vacationing is supposed to be an enjoyable time. However, we all know that it is not always the case. I have listed below the particular apps that make travelling easier and make the experience a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable.



Although I would predominately use this Ivisa website before I travelled, to ensure that I am well prepared with my visa requirements. Sometimes, (a lot of times if I am honest), my route has changed, or I need to extend my vacation. I use the Ivisa app while I am in transit or on vacation.

What I love about this app

On some occasions, you may still need to contact the embassy in question; however, for the most part, the flexibility of checking online in an instant puts my mind at ease.



Tripit has been a favourite of mine for some years, and so I speak highly of the application. However, recently I have upgraded (yes I paid a small fee, which is definitely worth the money) to enjoy the added benefits this app has to offer. If you are like me, I very seldom use a travel agency and spend most of my time booking my transport, hotels and activities. This app is fantastic for this, once you have set it up any email confirmation moving forward will automatically upload to the account.

There are great reminders for check-ins, gate changes, etc., that I find very useful when I am in a rush. There are other great features such as lounge information, seat and (loyalty) points trackers. 

What I love about this app

 This app makes travelling easier as it is easy to access when you are either planning a trip, checking in or giving me inspiration for our next trip (the deals pop up as soon as you open the app). Tripit offers you a day to day, hour by hour schedule of your events, which includes anything from theatre tickets to tour vouchers or reservations to restaurants. For someone like myself who likes to have things visually at hand then this is perfect, Tripit’s map is also handy as it will display your bookings on the world map. It also calculates driving time if needed, which is helpful when booking itineraries.

during transit


You may use other websites to book your hotels as I do (see Marriott Bonvoy below); however, if I am booking outside my usual hotel options than booking.com is the app I prefer. Back in the day, using any of these websites, I would have to print off the voucher and present it to the hotel of choice. However, now in one easy step, I can hand over my phone (for the booking voucher) or read them the confirmation number, and that is all they need.

I can cancel, email or search as easy as I could on the website. It also allows me to leave a review, change my profile details or access my wish list (a handy way to bookmark accommodation you may need to compare prices or book another hotel in the area).

What I love about this app

 I am impressed that it allows me to explore the area with travel guides for the destination. It is like a one-stop-shop for accommodation and sightseeing, so this app makes travelling easier.

travel bans


If you are like me and for the most part are loyal to a particular chain of hotels then having their app installed on your preferred device is a quick and easy way to have all of your booking information at hand wherever you may be in the world. I can check my points, book accommodation, scan through hotel deals and just like the website log on and find the closest hotels in the next destination.

What makes the Marriott Bonvoy app more interesting than most is that it also includes other options that the hotels provide such as spa information or the restaurants at the hotel so this app makes travelling easier.

What I love about this app

With the Marriott Bonvoy app For a quick search, you can also see the categories of hotels, whether you are looking for an all-inclusive vacation or a hotel at the airport it has it all grouped for you.

Essex JW Marriott



I am sure every airline would have an app these days, and I too use a few airline apps. However, I use QANTAS more often than not (it’s all about the loyalty programs). I like QANTAS in general because being part of a frequent flyer program does make sense if you are frequently travelling. Whoever you use, try and stick with the program as much as possible or the affiliated group. Oneworld has an app (which I am yet to try) but has had great write-ups of late.

What I love about this app:

I like the easy access to either planning a trip, checking in or giving me inspiration for our next trip (the deals pop up as soon as you open the app). You no longer have to carry your frequent flyer card as it is all installed in the app; I do love apps that make travelling easier.


Apps that make travelling easier


For most of us hiring a car, it is the easiest way to explore the country we are vacationing in, and I am sure most of us have a car rental company we prefer. However, over time I have used many, but I am regularly heading back to Avis (worldwide) every time.

Now the app is another reason to be loyal to the program, as you can now reserve a car, modify and cancel a booking, or you can locate the closest location to drop one-off or pick one up. 

What I love about this app

 You can call Avis from the app, which is fantastic if you are on the road and saves you fiddling around trying to search and then dialling numbers.

car hire


There are many options to use this app; these include Banks, bars, cinemas, coffee bars, concerts, hospitals, hotels, parking petrol station and the list goes on. I often also use the app for the weather (it contains three days but also gives you the link for a seven day one if you wish). As I am a somewhat “over-planner” checking out the weather is something I am always doing while travelling and this app makes travelling easier

I also like supermarket option when I am travelling with the kids, or we are staying at an Airbnb, this gives me walkable options rather than feeling the need to drive. I usually only buy a few items anyway for breakfast.

What I love about this app:

 I love Around Me app for many reasons, but I shall start with what I use it for the most. If we drive by an area that I think looks interesting, I click on “nearby” section of the app and it gives me a list of things in the area that might be of interest. Whether it is a museum, a park or a building that looks attractive, it is all written down for you.


10 apps that make travelling easier



Who does not use Whatsapp these days? I have, in the past, used other options. Still, I seem to feel that most people already have a WhatsApp account so you can call anyone, anywhere in the world via audio or video option. Please note, some countries do not allow access to Whatsapp so check this before you go.

What I love about this app:

I like that you have an option for a group chat, instant messenger or use the calling option. I love an app that makes travelling, and this does that because we have a family group chat to ensure that we all stay in touch at all times on vacation. I also love Whatsapp because it helps us with communication in our everyday lives.

apps that make travelling easier


If you are like our family and are not always flying from the same destination at the same time, flight Stats app allows you to monitor the flight situation of any plane in any country in the world. You do not have to know the flight details, as you can search in many other ways such as airport to airport, country to country or flight by flight. Flight stats app makes travelling easier as it also gives you information about any airport in the world; this is excellent news for travellers as it includes things like the current weather (including wind and visibility) and the possibility of flight delays, this app makes travelling easier.

What I love about this app

 I like how it tracks a visual recording of the plane over a map in actual time; it does not just advise the schedule times of departures but also the real estimated time of the departure and gate numbers.

apps that make travelling easier



Not all of us have an excellent memory for numbers (like my husband), so this is my biggest saviour when I am travelling solo. You can list up to your top ten currencies so that you do not just see two currencies like most apps show, but you see up to ten in real-time simultaneously. X.E currency converter app has many options (that I do not often use) such as rate alerts, market analysis and money transfers.

What I love about this app

I love the calculator option so that you can calculate a few different currencies in one sitting; this helps if you are travelling through a few different countries in a day.

Canadian currency



It does not matter which bank you use; utilising their app is ideal for managing budgets while you are away. It is usually just the basics such as checking your account, transferring funds between accounts or paying bills while you are away. 

What I love about this app

I love this app that makes travelling more manageable, and this app does just that by keeping my budget on track to ensure that I am on top of my bills at home. Although we do not want to think about accounts and statements on vacation, we can not always leave real-life issues behind.



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