One of the many things I love about being an expat is that you get to discover your host country differently with every guest. It is something I did very rarely living back in Sydney, as my world and circle of friends were microscopic in comparison. So having guests from interstate or abroad was a rare occasion indeed.

Living abroad (well, it depends on the country I am living in) allows me to have ample visitors. So I am always exploring new locations to visit, constantly on the hunt for fun things to do and discovering great places to eat and drink. It’s like playing tour guide and tourist all at once. So here are my 6 types of guest that visit you abroad, although you probably have ample more types.

This week has been fun, showing friends around and discovering some parts of Singapore that I have either had on my bucket list or didn’t know I needed on it. So it is safe to say, this week has been busy. Lucky for me, Singapore is one of those cities that has loads to do. Some people may disagree with me, but then again, I have only been living here for two years. So for me, I still have loads more to explore! So depending on the type of guest you are expecting, it depends on what you’ll be doing.

Travelling planning

Here are some of the types of guest that visit you abroad

The friends that are from your host country but now live abroad

Wow, that was a mouthful of a header. So this type of visitor will be a local, who is home visiting family and friends. So no need to be showing them around—instead, this type of friend will more than likely be able to show you some great places to eat or introduce to some local delicacies. You could also be travelling to a new location to meet, which is always fun. It gives me a new place to explore!

type of guest that visitor you abroad

Friends who have been here before

Or it might be a guest who has been to Singapore on many occasion so has seen the main tourist attractions. This type of guest also gets me excited because it makes me think outside the box and allows me to do what I do best, and that is research, plan and discover some hidden gems.

Sentosa Island
Siloso beach Singapore

First-time visitors

On the other hand, the guest that have never been to Singapore is also fun, because seeing a place more than once allows me to look at it in a different light. For the most part, I am comparing it to other times I have visited, and it never is the same. Whether it is the change in weather, the updated renovations or the experience in itself, it never is the same each time you go.



Whether you have family that visit or the time, or you have family that have arrived for the first time. This type of visitor is different because, sure you may get out and be a tourist for a while, but you are also showing them everyday life. You invite them to meet your friends, introduce them to your local restaurants and have them come along to significant events in your life.

type of guest that visitor you abroad

The 24-hour guest

The 24-hour guest is someone who is stopping over for the day, on their way to their final destination. This type of guest can be spontanious because more often than not, you won’t know they are coming until just before they arrive. So you either plan a day full of activities that leave you wiped out when you arrive home because you want to show them a glimpse of what others take weeks to see. Or this is the guest that only has time for a quick bite to eat before they continue on their way. Either way, it usually is a whirlwind adrenalin-inducing 24-hours.

type of guest that visitor you abroad

The working friend

The working friend is on a business trip, so they may or may not have travelled to this location before. Either way, a quick bite to eat close to their office or you may like to host a dinner at home. This type of friend is here to see you in their spare time and not the local sites.

business trip type of guest that visitor you abroad

It doesn’t matter what types of guest that visit you abroad; I personally enjoy them all. I love them for different reasons. I enjoy this because nothing beats catching up with friend and family, no matter where they are coming from or visiting for whatever reasons.


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