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Two weeks post-op and things are looking brighter

2 weeks post op

Okay, so I am not jumping for joy at the moment, but I am feeling better than last week. In fact, I am feeling better than 24 hours ago!!! The nights are still rough, but the fact that the days are a little more comfortable makes it somehow bearable. So this is two weeks post-op and things are looking brighter.

How I am feeling two weeks post-op.

Gone are the daily tears (I know, I am a wimp), and in its place are positive thoughts that this will somehow get better. My frustration has been reduced (at least during the day time anyway) which allows me the freedom to at least, sit in a chair without pain.

Can you believe that the most exciting thing is that, today for the first time I have been able to sit and work for longer than 10 minutes? Yes, today, I have been able to smash through some writing tasks in relatively no time and has allowed me to feel somehow normal. Who knew working could feel this good!

Having visitors have also made my days a little brighter! Giving me something to look forward to (other than Netflix), that makes my day feel like it isn’t completely wasted. Well, at least I have caught up on every tv show I have ever felt I might be behind in!

Rest is important

Yeah sure I get tired quickly and waking up after barely any sleep has made me somewhat of a grumpy person in the mornings. But I am allowing myself the luxury of rest during the day when I need it, not pushing myself beyond my usual limit, which then gets me frustrated to no end.

I know that I need to take one day at a time, but somehow I have found myself wishing my days away! Which is definitely not my usual thoughts.

Well, tomorrow is another day, and it is already looking brighter! So here’s hoping that tonight’s sleep will be a little easier and allow me the luxury of waking up, feeling like I finally had a good nights sleep! Always the optimist, I know! So two weeks post-op and things are looking brighter!

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