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A weekend of rugby and friendship in Japan.

Rugby World Cup friendship

A weekend of rugby and friendship in Japan.

I just spent the weekend at the Rugby World Cup. Some may say it’s a long way to go for the weekend, but I say I would travel halfway around the world if it meant I was going to spend time with fabulous friends. Sure, we went for the rugby, sure the game was exciting, but it doesn’t compare to the friendship and of course the great memories we made with friends who once were living in our neighbourhood.


The group of people I spent the weekend with were all friends from Hong Kong.

Although this group of friends can now be spotted all around the globe, we came together for our love of rugby but also it was a great excuse to catch up with a great group of people and show how geography and your expat friendship can stand the test of time.

Rugby community

Somehow rugby brought us together when the kids were little, and somehow rugby brought us all together once again. We drank together, we laughed together, on Occasion we cheered along together and of course we finished off singing together! We are in the land of karaoke, after all.

It is funny how it doesn’t matter where you are around the world, or how much time has passed, that you can just pick up where you left off and have a great time together. I love how the kids reconnected as if they had seen each other yesterday and of course, we have as well.

I am sure other people feel the same about other sports or other communities. But for me, rugby has always brought a significant number of friendships into our lives, but not just the friendships that pass you by, but the type of friendships that last a lifetime.

Expat community

Or is it the expat community that does it? That bonds you like no other community really can. The friends that turn into family, the relationships that keep growing over time (no matter where you are in the world). Is it because we are willing to travel the extra mile to see those we love? Or is it because the world seems to have shrunk and travelling long distances to watch a rugby game is like hopping in a car and driving to the next major city?

Sure some friends come and go, that has been great while they lasted but have reached their expiry date. But for most the ones you know are a little bit more special and are worth the extra mile, then these are the ones you are willing to keep up the friendship no matter how many miles are between you! So thank you rugby and of course, thank you to the expat communities that have welcomed us into their lives.


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  1. Well said, I agree completely it’s like minded people and rugby that bring us together but making the effort is all about the friendships and wanting to see each other however far the miles xx

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