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The best of Yokohama in 1 day

Yokohama chinatown


Yokohama, famous for its extensive China Town, is a Japanese city south of Tokyo, it was one of the first Japanese ports opened to foreign trade in 1859. Yokohama is the most populated area outside of Tokyo, with an estimated 3.7 million people! You can see why the station is one of the busiest in the world and why it is always bustling with people. So here is what you should do to explore Yokohama in 1 day.

Yokohama chinatown
Yokohama Chinatown

Things to know before you explore Yokohama in 1 day 

Getting there 

Tokyo to Yokohama by train

The best way to get to Yokohama from Naka Meguro is one train ride to Motomachi Chukagai station. It takes approximately 55 minutes (including walking time to Chinatown). There are many ways to head down to Yokohama; however, I found the easiest way is by train. Hop onto the Minatomirai line, and then it is a short walk from the station to Chinatown. I like using Rome2rio for assistance. 

Tokyo to Yokohama by car

It is pretty easy to drive (I have driven myself in the past), it should take you approximately 30 minutes, and parking is simple too. There are a few parking stations close to Chinatown. If you choose to hire a car, then try booking.com for all your rental needs.

Weather – Yokohama in 1 day 

Yokohama has a humid subtropical climate. Summer (Jun-Sep) and so it is hot. Winter (Dec–Feb) is mild and on the rare occasion can snow.


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Where to stay to explore Yokohama in 1 day 

Well, we stayed at the Yokohama Bay Sheraton which is conveniently located across the road from Yokohama station. I loved this area of Yokohama, as it was easy to get to place via the station and great eateries and fabulous shopping was all within walking distance.  

yokohama bay sheraton
Yokohama bay Sheraton

Your day starts here to explore Yokohama in 1 day 


An early morning stroll through Motomachi shopping street will see you walk back in time. The road was established back in 1888 when many visitors from abroad arrived at the Yokohama seaport where east met west. This street will see you walking along cobbled streets and browse the little boutiques that make you feel like you are in a town in Europe. 

Things to eat – Try ducking into the very first bakery in Japan called Uchiki Pan for a fresh pastry or two

Yokohama Chinatown

Spend a few hours enjoying Japan’s largest Chinatown, discovering a large number of shops and restaurants. This bustling area is always busy, during all times of the day, but lunchtime you will see loads of queues for many of the restaurants and food vendors. 

Things to eat – You can not go past trying the pandaman chocolate steamed buns, which is what people head to Chinatown to try. 

Yokohama in 1 day

Yokohama Cosmo World

Depending on the weather, you could head over to Yokohama Cosmo World (just a few short stops on the train) and spend the afternoon being a big kid in the Minato Mirai district. You will not be able to miss it, as it is currently the largest clock faced Ferris wheel in the world. Although the amusement park isn’t huge, it will have enough to do to have you and the kids entertained. Tip – You can also go back at night and watch the Ferris wheel light up! 

CLOCK FERRIS WHEEL Yokohama in 1 day

Cup Noodle Museum

If the weather isn’t looking so great, head across the road (literally) to explore the cup noodle museum, you can pop in to explore where cup noodles originated. Ensure that you arrive early enough to be able to book in for a time slot to make your noodles; this is especially fun for kids.

Things to eat – Stop for lunch at this great location with the many different types of noodle choices (or make your own) for more information check out Cup Noodle Factory 

Cup noodle museum
Cup noodle museum

Yokohama Station

Head over to Yokohama Station which is located in the Nishi Ward. From here you will not only find Takashimaya department store but also loads of little streets full of local restaurants and many boutique-style shops. This station is crazy busy and is currently ranked as one of the top ten busiest stations in the world, so you should try to avoid rush hour if possible. 

Things to eat – Try Nagaska Sarashina Tahei the best soba noodles I have tasted in a long time. This restaurant has been running for over 100 years, and you can find it in Takashimaya shopping centre on the 8th floor. 

Sobu Restaurant yokohama in 1 day
Sobu Restaurant

The highlight of the day – While at Yokohama Station ensure you arrive during rush hour. The number of people will astound you! I always thought Shibuya crossing was hectic until I caught a train during rush hour at this station. 

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