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Lets start celebrating Australian films

Aussie film festival

I love heading to the movies, as there is nothing better than seeing a great film on the big screen with surround sound and a box of popcorn. But what makes this week even more remarkable is the Projector (one of my favourite movie theatres in Singapore), with its retro-themed interior, is hosting the Australian Film Festival (a proud Australian right here). 

Why is The Projector so iconic? Originally built as the biggest cinema in Singapore and Malaysia in 1973 and had over 1500 seats. Although it has been through many stages over the years, its latest refurbishment (or should I say revamp?) is somewhat of a trip down memory lane.

The Projector

You won’t find any reclining seats here, but what this cinema lacks in comfortable seats makes up in old-fashioned retro style and charisma, good news; you won’t be falling asleep in this place! This cinema is for movie buffs who appreciate more than the most recent blockbuster films that you can find in any other regular movie theatre in Singapore.   

This excellent movie theatre is located at the Golden Mile Tower, 6001 Beach Rd, on the fifth floor, walking distance from Nicoll Highway MRT station. Take the lift straight up to a great little hang-out with a cute little bar, and two movie theatre rooms aptly named the Green and red rooms.  

We often forget how much we miss home until we are reminded by great movies telling stories about our country. So as I sat watching the film “the high ground” today, I have to say that it was not only thought-provoking at times, but I was also reminded how great Australian movies are right now. 

the projector

The Aussie Film Festival is currently running between the 17th to 27th of March. It is Harmony Week in Australia, so each film was carefully chosen to reflect the country’s rich cultural diversity. So what is harmony week, I hear you ask? So let me explain; The Department of Home Affairs leads the celebrations each year to recognise diversity and inclusion within the country. Events and activities occur during the week; these are held in and around the community through churches, schools, businesses and government agencies across Australia.

Together with The Australian High Commission, the Projector has four movies screening now (other than “the high ground”) that I can not wait to see. “Get a life, alright”, “rhapsody of love” and “the drover’s wife: the legend of Molly Johnson” are all fantastic films with great reviews. 

Whether you are an Aussie missing home or someone wanting to learn more about the Australian culture, this is the time to do it, here in our backyard on the little red dot. 

Tickets have been on sale since 28 February and are priced from $11 to $15.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I hope this post has given you the information you need. If you have any recommendations, tips or advice, I would love for you to share them in the comment section below!

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Australian film festival

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