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The best things to do in Singapore in groups of two

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With new restrictions in place, we may feel a little flat at the moment. Now that the gyms and restaurants are closed, and our group size has been reduced to two people, what can we do in Singapore groups of two?

Walking in groups of two

There are some great National Parks here in Singapore, and most are right at your doorstep. Instead of heading to your local favourites, why not be a little adventurous and venture out further and explore some of my favourite Singapore walks. If you are like me and need to set goals, then accomplish the coast to coast walk or set out to achieve the round the island walk.

Switch it up and walk with a different person every day, in a new location or your favourite routes. What a great excuse to catch up with friends and get a little exercise in, in the meantime. The perfect activity in Singapore groups of two.

Aim to start walking in time to see the sunrise each morning from a different location. Not only are you seeing this gorgeous red dot wake each morning, but you will be back in time to start the day. There is something a little unique about waking before the city does!

walking in twos

Work out with a buddy

Although we can no longer enjoy the indoor gym facilities, we can head out to a park with a friend and work out with a buddy. Take your own equipment, find a great space in a park with enough space and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of it sooner. Or if cycling is more your thing, you can still cycle with one other person, which gives you the opportunity to discover the island once again by trying new cycling locations each time you meet in your Singapore groups of two. It is all about keeping healthy physically and mentally during these new restrictions.

working out with a buddy

Coffee catchups don’t have to stop

So who said you had to stop your coffee catch-ups? Sure the cafes and restaurants are closed for dining in service, but why not have friends over for a coffee at your own home. This way, you can then have 3 of you enjoy your morning coffee together.

You can also do a coffee morning over zoom with big groups, but there is something a little more special when you get to chat face to face.

things to do in singapore in twos

A little retail therapy didn’t hurt anyone

Yep, you can still shop here in Singapore (and I am not just talking about groceries). There are a whole lot of reasons to go Shopping right now. From activities to keeping you sane – think jigsaw puzzles and board games, to a few little things to make your house that little more special while you are working from home.

Sure, you aren’t going out anywhere at the moment, but who says you can’t look fab on a zoom call anyway? Besides, Shopping with a friend makes it that little bit more enjoyable!

things to do in singapore in twos

Dining in with a twist

Okay, so we can’t eat out, and we all know that in Singapore, that is the one thing everyone has in common here. There are a plethora of great restaurants to choose from on this small island, and we can still keep enjoying them even if we cant dine in right now.

Why not organise for a group of you to invite two people over per household (say there are a few groups of you), dress up like you are heading out for the night. Each group orders from the same restaurant, BUT they have to order for a different group. There is a budget for each order, and you won’t know what you are receiving until it lands up on your doorstep.

You can choose to dine over zoom or not – either way, it makes for an exciting night by all.

things to do with friends in two

Discovering Singapore’s Street Art

It is time to get out there and explore Singapore. You and one other can head over and try to spot as many murals in each area of Singapore. There are plenty in neighbourhoods like Little India and Kampong Glam, but what about being a little more adventurous and try Chinatown and Telok Ayer.

Or if you have a favourite artist, then try to find the street art by particular artists such as Ripple Root (who has a very distinct style that you can’t miss).

Singapore's new restrictions

Catch a Flick

Believe it or not, there are some things still open. Movie theatres are still open to the public, and although you can no longer eat food inside, you can still watch the latest movies with one other person. Although there are still safe distancing measures in place, you can still check out the latest movies with a friend. Or head to see a documentary at the Projector (especially on one of the many rainy days we have been having); it might just be exactly what you need for your Singapore groups of two.

The Projector

Malls aren’t just for Shopping.

Who would have thought that there is an entire garden on the rooftop of many of the malls in Singapore? Not only are there fabulous views, but there is also a great little oasis waiting to be explored. Whether you choose any of the malls dotted along Orchard Rd or the infamous farm that is found on the rooftop of Funan, there is plenty of hours of fun to explore.

Things to do in Singapore in twos

The Jewel

So easy to forget that we have one of the most remarkable airports in the world. Especially for the majority of Singapore since nobody has been to the airport in so long. How quickly we forget how fantastic the Jewel is, and how we can spend a day there just taking photos and shopping in this now deserted little gem.

singapore restrictions

It’s time to learn a little history.

There is no better time to explore Singapore’s rich history than now, museums are still open, and it is the perfect place to escape either the humidity or the rain. There are simply too many museums to name, but my recent trip to the Indian Heritage Centre is now top of my list of favourite museums in Singapore and the perfect activity in Singapore groups of two.

national Museum of Singapore

Kebun Baru Bird Singing Club

There are still plenty of clubs open right now, even with the restrictions, and Kebun Baru Bird Singing Club is one of them. The best time to grab a friend and head out is on the weekend, where you will see hundreds of these magnificent birds singing in unison. Sit and watch, walk around and don’t be afraid to ask about the birds from one of the owners.

Bird Singing Club


Hotels are still open, sure the restaurants are closed but upgrade your hotel room and order in-room service, and you will be forgiven to think there are no restrictions right now. The pools are still open as long as you book your time slot, so it is all systems ahead right now during the school holiday season.

Singapore Staycations 2021

Learn a hobby

There are plenty of things you can still do right now, learn a new art or begin some cooking lessons. Although most classes are either one person or two depending on the activity, you can still do them. Learning a new craft such as candle making or silk painting might be a fun activity to start and then once you start to pick up the art, you and your friend can take turns in doing it at each other home. Or better still, if you have a skill worth passing on, then it might be fun to invite a friend or two over and take on the role of teacher.

singapore in twos

Discover local products

It is time to enjoy what Singapore has to offer, head over to a new supermarket, order a local product online that you haven’t tried before, it is time to get creative in your kitchen. Or better still why not try a new cocktail (and ingredient) or a beverage or two like Arvo DrinksWhy not pick up some great new products and start trying them out by inviting a couple of friends over to experience the new products together.

New products in Singapore

Other things you need to know

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Things to do in Singapore in groups of two

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