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Eating Healthy Made Easy With Oh Wow Brands by Fluetis

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Eating healthy has never been easier in Singapore, with an abundance of ways to eat clean and stay healthy. However, finding products you love that are healthy and vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free can be a challenge (until now). Eating healthy is now made easy with Oh Wow Brands, a one-stop-shop full of wholesome goodness. 

Oh Wow Brands by Fluetis

With so many healthy options, I tend to order as many products as possible. They seem to have new items popping up regularly for me to try, which makes each order exciting! You can purchase through lazadaShoppee MallFairpriceQoo10Amazon and Bulbs. There are lots of little goodies for the little ones too. 

Until Friday, 7 May, I am partnering up with Oh Wow Brands by fluetis for a fantastic giveaway, allowing one lucky winner to try a few of the products they sell. The giveaway is worth S$65++, and entry is easy, follow both @trulyexpat and @OhWowBrands by fluetis on Instagram, tag two of your friends and write a short description to qualify. For an added entry, it is as easy as sharing the post on your Instagram stories. 

Oh Wow Brands eating healthy

What is in the basket? 

James White Drinks 

Zinger shots are intense little drinks with a lively flavour. The perfect alternative to sugary or caffeinated beverages that give you the little boost you are needing. They come in three tantalising flavours. 

Organic ginger zinger

All organic ginger shots include 26% ginger juice, 57% pressed apple juice and water. 

Organic lime and chilli zinger

This little surprise is packed with an almighty punch and includes lime juice, hot chilli and apple juice. 

Organic Tumeric zinger

This shot really packs a punch, and in it, you will find crushed turmeric, apple juice, lemon juice, black pepper and chilli. 

zinger shot


Simply chocolate coconut bites

With no refined sugar, high in fibre, nothing artificial and gluten-free, this makes it the perfect snack for everyone in the family. With very few ingredients, this makes this snack “crunchy chocolatey, small but mighty.”

Simply coconut bites

Like the chocolate coconut bites, this product is made with very few ingredients and has no added additives, and at only 148 calories or 619Kilojules, it makes for the perfect healthy snack. 

Lightly salted puffs 

The lightly salted puffs are baked, not fried, gluten-free, vegan friendly and with nothing artificial added; this ticks all the boxes for a great little cheeky snack in the afternoon. Add the fact that they are helping the planet by becoming a carbon-neutral business and belonging to 1% for the planet. 

Ape eating healthy

Simplee Aloe

Aloe Vera Drink 

Living in Asia, this has always been my go-to drink. With only 8.9 calories per 100ml, it’s the perfect little post-workout hydration. Why drink aloe after a workout? Well, it is excellent for speeding up muscle recovery thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory properties. This drink has no artificial sweeteners, flavours and colours, with 1/4 of a leaf of aloe vera used in every bottle. 

Simply Aloe

Insane Grain

These little crispy and melty puffs are made from Sorghum. Sorghum super grains have been around for centuries in the Eastern world, which they used to sustain their energy. All products are gluten-free and recommended for vegans. There are three great flavours to choose from here. 

Salt and vinegar

These little treats contain 1.5 times more iron than spinach, over 3/4 potassium of a banana, are healthy for your gut and are only 97 calories per bag. 


If cheese flavour is your thing, these little treats are 1.8 times more iron than spinach, more potassium than a banana, great for gut health and only 94 calories per bag. 

Salted caramel

If you prefer something a little sweeter than the salted caramel flavour is the best option with 1.5 times more iron than spinach, over 3/4 more potassium than a banana, also great for gut health and under 100 calories per bag. 

insane grain

Tapped Organic Birch Water 

What is Birch Water? In winter, birch trees store vital mineral and vitamins in their roots. In the spring, water is is filtered up through the trunk, nourishing the tree. Then they tap the trees, so every drop they harvest is full of natural goodness. So yes, it is water from a tree!!!

Birch water – 100% pure organic

Made by the forests of Finland, this little drink is nature’s detox, with 15% of your daily manganese, no added sugar and is only 8 calories per carton! 

Birch water – with apple and ginger

With all the added benefits of the original birch water, this little carton of water flavoured drink has 16% apple juice, white grape juice and 3% ginger juice. With only 31 calories per drink!

Birch Water – with elderflower (secretly my favourite one)

With 85% organic birch sap, white grape juice and 2% elderflower extract, this drink is refreshing on a hot day but seems to do a little tango on your taste buds! Great little afternoon boost with only 38 calories per carton. 

Tapped birch water

Rebel Kitchen

Why is this special? Well, these dairy-free organic milk’s products are plant-based, gluten-free, vegan friendly, have no refined sugar, have no emulsifiers and no stabilisers. Rebel Kitchen is also a member of 1% for the planet and a carbon-neutral business. They are also part of the soil association and Certified B corporation

Flavours include Chocolate Hazelnut (for Nutella lovers), chocolate and coffee. 

Rebel Mylk shakes eating healthy

Creative Nature 

Crazy Carrot Cake snack bar

This little bar is free from 14 allergens; these include cereals containing gluten, peanuts, eggs, lupin, milk, sesame seeds, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, sulphur dioxide, celery, crustaceans, fish, molluscs and mustard! This little guiltless snack is packed full of flavour and has only 125calories per 38gram, so it is the perfect little treat for everyone.  

creative nature

The Primal Pantry

All protein bars are 100% real food; they are vegan friendly, gluten-free and paleo! With three delicious flavours to choose from, you will enjoy every guilt-free bite as they are also part of the 1% for planet community as well as being B Corporation Certified. 

Three flavours include Hazelnut and Cocoa, cocoa and coconut 

Each bar is only 192 calories and is made from 100% naturally sweet and raw cocoa, vanilla and/or coconut. 

primal bars

Emily Veg Crisps

Garden Greens – french beans and sugar snap peas

The very few ingredients include green vegetables (french beans and sugar snaps), sunflower oil and sea salt. This crunchy snack is all-natural, vegan friendly, and high in fibre, a carbon-neutral business, part of the 1% for the planet and certified by the vegan society. 

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Oh wow brand

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