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What Does A Week With Singapore’s New Restrictions Look Like ?

Singapore's new restrictions

Wow, how quickly life changes and rules are implemented in this ongoing pandemic. Once upon a time, technology and globalization allowed the world to evolve relatively quickly. We were told continuously that “the only constant in life is change”, but we had no idea what it meant until now! So what does a week with Singapore’s new restrictions look like?

Singapore’s restrictions

Singapore’s norm looked okay, with groups of eight being allowed to dine in restaurants, visit your home and enjoy group activities – do almost anything, really! Gyms were open, schools were open, and life felt pretty normal (well, what we call the new norm anyway).

Singapore's new restrictions

We were relatively happy with groups of eight, and although wearing masks on this humid island was sometimes annoying, they were necessary, and we all continued without much complaint. Even with the new and annoying “macne” (pimples developing under your mask area due to sweat).

Then a couple of days later, the group size went down to five, gyms were closed, and more “safe distancing ambassadors” were seen around town. Although the news did not overjoy us, we accepted it and got on with everyday living. Although you could meet up in groups of five, Singapore residence was advised that you could only meet up with one group per day – in other words, visit one household per day.

We anticipated a bubble between Australia and Singapore, and the long-awaited bubble between Hong Kong was announced but has now since been withdrawn. But it all came crashing down in a week, with even tighter restrictions now introduced. 

Singapores new restrictions

Singapore’s New Restrictions

Group sizes have now been reduced to two visitors per household per day. All restaurant’s in-house dining have closed, and any previous coaching or training can now only consist of two people – you and the trainer. All services that require you to remove your mask are also closed – think facials, dental work, etc. 

What this means is that Singapore once again looks and feels like a ghost town. Working at the office has now been reduced from 50 percent capacity to anyone who can work from home; should work from home. 

Singapore's new restrictions

Our Saving Grace

We can still have two visitors at home per day, which allows that little spark of hope!! Shops and services are still available (at a reduced capacity), and my local cafe is still allowing take-away coffee – halleluiah! Two people can walk together, and family members can also exercise together (kind of). See more info here.

Hope and optimism still seem to be reigning in this beautiful red dot, with many people feeling like anything BUT circuit breaker is a good thing right now. 

Staycations are still okay, but not sure how fun it would be without in-house dining capability (to be honest). Nevertheless, it is still open for business, and the new 2 meters apart rule applies. 

All in all, after the initial shock. We have accepted that this is necessary to ensure the health and well-being of this tiny country from this new strain of the virus. Now that I have had my final jab and I am fully immunized. I do feel like I have done my tiny bit for the community at large. 

Not sure what this will mean regarding travel moving forward, but at least I know I have done my bit! And fingers crossed it will allow me to visit my family in Australia soon. 

Singapore's new restrictions

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singapores new restrictions

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