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The things to be thankful for right now.

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Okay, I will be the first to admit that today (actually this week) has not been one of my best. You know the drill, things have gone wrong that are out of your control, puts you in a mood, and then your entire world starts to crumble in response (or is that just me?) I am not sure if it is the frustration of isolation or how I would have felt before the world and my travel plans turned upside down. Sure last week felt like groundhog day; this week feels like miniature grenades everywhere I turn. One wrong turn after another, so here I am, frustrated beyond belief but ready to turn things around, which is why there are things to be thankful for right now.

Things I am thankful for right now

My children are old enough to work digitally without supervision.

For most, this might be a nightmare, having to juggle homeschooling and working from home, especially those with little children who can not self-manage their day. But, on the other hand, I have children who don’t need my help most of the time; they can self-manage their own time and work alone with minimal help and very little supervision (talking about my school-age children, not my uni aged children here).

working from home

Thankful that we are all healthy

Blessed beyond belief that we are all safe and healthy. Sticking to guidelines and making sure we are doing what is needed to keep ourselves safe from disease. Along with staying at home and staying, our distance has helped immensely.

I am in lockdown with my children.

Some may say this is a nightmare; on the other hand (most of the time anyway), feel blessed. Sure the perfect scenario would be my husband is also here, but he’s not, so I have to not dwell on living apart together right now. I know if I were back in Singapore, my thoughts would be elsewhere worrying about the kids, no matter how old they are.

Technology has allowed us to stay connected.

What would life be like if I couldn’t facetime my husband each day? I feel blessed that technology allows us to see each other at any time of the day. Sometimes we chat more often than when we are under the same roof; maybe distance does make hearts grow fonder?

thankful for right now

Being able to visit my elderly mother

Most of the time, we have been communicating through the flyscreen door, but it has been necessary as she falls within the high-risk category. I am so thankful right now because we can go inside and visit her, I am not yet at the stage where I feel I can hug her, but I can at least go inside her home and call in on her.

Zoom parties, virtual coffee catchups, and digital wine nights

Yes! I have to admit it; I am one of those people who loves to catch up with family and friends with quiz nights and coffee chats. Not sure how I would cope without seeing some familiar faces that put a smile on my face each week. I am thankful right now for those close friends and family that make isolation a little easier.

Being able to exercise outside

Being able to walk outside (even while social distancing) is something I am thankful for right now. Somedays, just being able to take the dog for a walk or exercise with one other person outside away from my home makes me feel rejuvenated.

exercise in isolation


Okay, so thankful right now for my kids and husband, of course! However, also grateful for my weekly Sunday zoom quiz calls from my family! I am finding myself looking forward to seeing them dressed up and watching their competitive side come out. Who knew family quizzes could be so much fun, and seeing family is a bonus. Perhaps this is something we could continue post lockdown?

Finding items I need at the supermarket.

So panic buying has become a thing of the past with many items now at the supermarket. Who knew that finding toilet paper and hand sanitizers on the supermarket shelf would send me into a “happy dance.” I couldn’t believe my eyes when I reached for the pack of bacteria wipes. I haven’t seen them since I first arrived here two months ago, so it was time for a celebration.

Restrictions are slowly starting to lift

Yes, as of today, only 18 new cases were reported overnight Australia-wide. Today’s numbers are something to be thankful for right now; as each day gets better, each week, restrictions are lifted. With all children staggered to go back to school as of last Monday and things like restaurants opened with ten people allowed in at a time, this is something to look forward to right now.

restrictions are lifting

The post office is open right now.

Imagine lockdown with purchasing anything online? Who knew that the courier would be my favorite person right now? I love the knock on the door (I don’t get many of those these days). And how a package brings so much excitement to the household. Whether it is the groceries, some random thing I have bought online (do not drink and buy, I repeat -do not drink and buy) which has been happening way too often. All of it brings happiness to our rather gloomy day.

I am thankful for uber eats.

Who would have thought that uber eats has been a great relief on nights when cooking again (yep, cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner these days) is tiring! I know in some countries deliveries are banned, so I am genuinely thankful right now.

So there it is; listing what I am grateful for right now is somewhat therapeutic, has lifted me out of my solemn mood, and given me that positive mindset I have been missing the past week. So as I start tomorrow with a different attitude, I am thankful one last time to recognize that my mindset needed to change, and positive reinforcement was required to shift my mood.

things to be thankful for right now

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11 thoughts on “The things to be thankful for right now.”

  1. Great read. Easy to loose sight of gratefulness in stressful times. Thanks for the reminder.

    Greatful for Ubereats .. hehehehe love it . I am definitely grateful for good food in my life

  2. Debra de Reeper

    It feels like we are single handedly keeping Grab Food afloat here in Singapore. However I’m most grateful that restaurants here, especially our favourites, have found a new way to have their menus available and some great meals delivered to us at home! Most of them hadn’t provided it before, and it really helps bring some ‘normal’ back.

  3. It feels like we are single handedly keeping Grab Food afloat here in Singapore. However I’m most grateful that restaurants here, especially our favourites, have found a new way to have their menus available and some great meals delivered to us at home! Most of them hadn’t provided it before, and it really helps bring some ‘normal’ back.

    1. Paula Barreca Barnes

      The simple things like ordering food and not having to cook yourself, makes you appreciate restaurants now. I feel for those countries that don’t even have a little bit of this luxury left. Keep safe in Singaporex

  4. Loving your weekly family quiz nights! This would all be so much harder without technology, hey? For once, I am grateful for Fortnite which keeps our oldest boy (who isn’t a big talker) connected, laughing and chatting with his old and new mates online. He’d only just started a new school, so that’s been great to keep building those new friendships.

    Yes! Re isolating with the kids and being able to see your Mum. I have my mum here and as expats I know how lucky I am to have been able to send for her in the pandemic. With seven of us locked in together and a mix of younger kids homeschooling and older kids distance learning, I’m even more grateful that I can run out on my own to escape a little after school. Never walked so much ha!

    1. Paula Barreca Barnes

      That makes it tough, my son is also going through the same thing as he changed school early this year. He has now gone back to boarding, but without the social activities that boarding schools provide due to social-distancing so makes it hard to socialise at all. I believe in doing whatever helps! Who knew that fortnite would save the day.

  5. Great read Paula, a good reminder to be thankful for the little things, helps keep things in perspective. when feeling overwhelmed. Zoom drinks were good fun!!

  6. I really feel like one of the greatest lessons to come out of this pandemic is perspective. I hope that a lot of these gems of gratitude continue for people moving forward and we all realise how truly lucky we are.

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