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Twelve tips for staying positive during Isolation

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I am sure we are all feeling it by now, a combination of claustrophobia and insanity. I am not saying all the time, but surely there are days where frustration gets the better of us and alters our mood. Maybe we have woken up a little flat, and getting out of bed feels like a task in itself. Don’t worry; we are all finding ourselves in a strange time, facing unknown time frames and a lot of uncertainty. But don’t worry, you aren’t any different from us all at the moment, so here are twelve tips for staying positive during isolation.

Waking up with a meditation session

We don’t always wake up with a spring in our step and jump out of bed ready to tackle a new day. Let’s be honest; most of us struggle to figure out what day it is at the moment. So waking up with a short 5-15 minute meditation session, allows you to step into the day with a clearer mind. I highly recommend an app called insight timer; it is free and easy to use.


Give yoga a try

We have been hearing about the value of yoga for years, so it is no wonder this is a vital part of a positive mind. It is incredible how good you feel after one session of youtube sensation yoga with Adriene. She has been teaching yoga from the luxury of your home via youtube for years, so the variety of videos she has will have you busy for months of isolation.

yoga at home

Stop snacking on junk food while in isolation

Snacking on junk food while you are at home seems to be the number one activity for those in isolation right now, especially if you have decided to take up baking as an isolation activity. If you aren’t baking, then stop buying unhealthy snacks so that you aren’t tempted to grab a biscuit while binge-watching the latest tv program.

revolved around food

Sit outside as much as possible

For those lucky enough to have an area outside of their home that they can get to basque in a little sunshine, it makes a huge difference. Sitting outside while you read, watch the latest programs, answer emails or work out makes you feel somehow more alive. Whether it is a small isolated area or a large yard that extends for miles, sunshine can do the world of good and can change a mood almost instantly.

sunshine and positive thoughts in isolation

Listen to music while in isolation

Whether it is the type of music that gets you up dancing or has you singing along, music is good for the soul. Admittedly, putting on some soppy love songs may make the situation worse, so pick your music carefully. You want to be happy and uplifted not down and out crying. So get those happy songs pumping through the house loud enough for you all to join along.

music in isolation

Exercise as much as possible

Exercising when you feel sad, miserable or anxious is difficult because for most, laying in bed and lazing about is all you feel like doing. So that is why doing the complete opposite and getting your body moving will have the best impact on your mood and positive thoughts. Whether you choose to go for a run around the park, take the dog for a walk or do a youtube workout, any exercise is good exercise.

exercise in isolation

Human Interaction

Okay, so we can’t pop round to a friends house for a cup of coffee, but we can give them a call and chat face to face virtually. Whether it is a zoom chat, house-party quiz night or facetime cuppa coffee chat, human interaction is significant for positive engagement. Laugh, cry or have a whinge, in other words, get it all off your chest, because although you are living alone, you aren’t alone in the world.

working from home

 Start a gratitude journal

Yep, it is as easy as that; nothing puts life into perspective more than when you realise how lucky you are. Your gratitude journal is just a reminder of what you should be thankful for in life. Your family, your friends, the sun shining, the food on your table. There is so much to be grateful for right now, and once you start writing it down, positive thoughts begin to welcome your mind.

gratitude journal in isolation

Start doing what you love in isolation

Start a hobby that you have always been intrigued by, rekindle an old interest that you never had time for previously. With time on your hands start introducing things into your life that make you happy. Create some new recipes, learn to draw with charcoal or start an online language course. The world is your oyster, (even in isolation) so instead of wishing you had (when you are out of isolation) be grateful that you ignited a new passion.

keeping fit while in self-isolation

Take time to relax in isolation

For some, isolation has created an obsession to keep busy and/or active. Which, for the most part, is excellent; however, we need to be reminded of how vital relaxation is, especially in isolation. Take a bath, read a book, have an afternoon nap, these are all great ways to take some downtime and learn to slow down and enjoy where we are right now.

pamper yourself in self-isolation

Keep a routine

For most, the suggestion of waking up to an alarm clock seems a little ridiculous. Especially to those whose lives were ruled by the sound of an alarm clock each day. Sleeping in seems like the best way to start the day. Well, waking up at a decent hour and going to bed at a reasonable hour does alter your mood. Keep the sleep in for the weekend, and allow it to be something that you still look forward to doing.

keep a routine in isolation


Still keep plugging away at your to-do list

Having a list of things to do each day keeps you motivated. You may need to be a little more creative by keeping to what you can do right now. But you still can be productive by staying home; you may need to alter in the way in which it is done. If boredom strikes, then your to-do list is a great way to create projects around the home. Remember that pantry you always wanted to organise??

keep a routine in isolation

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tips for staying positive during isolation

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  1. Great tips, will definitely be trying the yoga with Adriene, Ive heard about her from others also. I too find getting outdoors, “accidentally” bumping into friends at the local park, has helped feeling a sense of connection, whilst keeping a safe 1.5m distance of course!

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