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Are you keeping connected with virtual hangouts?

expats and virtual hangouts

What are virtual hangouts?

Remember the days when you would meet up with family and friends for a caffe latte? Or better still, remember popping over to friends for a cuppa? It was something we took for granted! Something that felt as normal as breathing, but not anymore! Now we are spending more time at home and we are keeping connected with virtual hangouts.

When you are at work you can no longer head to the coffee machine or water cooler for a catch up with colleagues, so guess what the next best thing is? So, if you haven’t already downloaded zoom or connected with family and friends via facetime, instant messenger, skype, Instagram (yes, the list goes on and on), then you are way behind the times. The latest trend is virtual hangouts with friends. How else can you stay connected, in these strange times we are living? So if you haven’t already then message a friend, set a time and date, grab a coffee and get comfortable. 

virtual coffee breaks

What are other virtual ways to keep connected?

It is essential to keep connected the best way you know-how. Whether it is via a virtual coffee break, a virtual glass of wine meet or a virtual house party on the weekend. These are all new words in our vocabulary, and I suspect it won’t be long before it is also formally added to the modern-day dictionary.

There are other fun ways too, like Xbox with your mates, virtual game nights or connect with friends and do a workout together virtually! Why not? In this day and age, you can connect virtually and do (almost) anything.

virtual hangouts

So what did we do before technology came along?

The downside in the matter is that there are things we can’t do virtually! Or some elderly aren’t able to use technology, so the old fashioned phone call is going to have to do during these difficult times. There is something strange about not being able to see someone (even if it is virtually) then only hearing their voice on the phone. 

Sure we are living through tough times, and it is frustrating not being able to see friends and family as you once could. I went to visit my mum yesterday for the first time, and only being able to speak through the door was a weird feeling, but we know it is the best thing right now. She is definitely in the high-risk category (even though she doesn’t understand this), so short term pain will hopefully offer long term gain. 

Depending on whether you are in lockdown, self-isolation or you are social-distancing, the word on the street is the same all around the world! Stay home; you can save lives. 

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The expat community and virtual hangouts

If you are anything like me and your loved ones are in another country, well then these virtual hangouts are part of your normal life (sort of). We have been communicating to some degree like this for years. With my husband in Singapore, the kids and I in Sydney, well then this is normal life for the time being. We call each other several times a day on a group chat, and sometimes we all answer and sometimes it might be just one of us. It just ensures he gets the chance to chat with us like we are all in the same house regularly, and it is essential for all of us and our relationships.

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Who do the virtual hangouts benefit?

Everyone! Whether you are living in the same country or even the same street. Everyone needs some interaction with others; even if you have people to interact within your home, you still need to be able to see others and maintain relationships. Whether they are professional or personal relationships, everyone can benefit from virtual hangouts.

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