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Expat Stories!

Tell us a little about yourself, 

1 Where do you live now and how long have you been there?

Hi I am a Military wife.(Navy) Jon my husband  and I were posted in Singapore for a couple of years. We arrived January 2019

2 What do you love about where you live now?

I love living here in Sembawang Singapore. We refer it as the Jungle. Near the Naval base. We live in one of those historic houses. The famous Black&White. We feel very privledge to live in such a beautiful big home most people in Singapore live in apartments.

3. How is it different to your home country?

The difference to Australia would have to be the culture ie Religion. Lot of Muslims live here. They have a lot of Chinese. So every month there seems to be some sort of Religious celebration going on. Very Colourful around the Chinese New Year celebration etc..I also love the food, always tasty and people will go to there local Hawker to eat. Very different to Australia, where we would eat out occasionally. Well I do anyway. I normally cook at home.

4.What frustrates you about your host country?

I don’t really get any frustrations here in Singapore. I easily adapt. I think if there is anything it would be most likely my favourite food. Like Ham cheese etc.. Sometimes its either really expensive to purchase or I can’t purchase it at all.

The CoronaVirus,

5.How has the CoronaVirus effected you?

The CoronaVirus has effected me in the way. Life is not how we had it. I just can’t grab public transport and head to town. I can’t go to the gym etc.. My favorite things that I take for granted I just cannot do anymore.

6 Where are you now and where is the rest of your family?

I am Currently living in Sembawang with my husband and my rest of my family live in Australia. I have 3 grown up children 2 boys and  a girl. Have my parents. One lives in Sydney the other in Brisbane. My sister Jenny lives in Sydney and my Sister Carolyn lives in Brisbane. My husbands family live in Mt Gambier SA.

7.Are you in self-isolation, lock down or are you social distancing and what rules do you need to follow?

Today is the day we have to live in lockdown for a month. It means we cannot go out unless its for groceries take away going to Pharmacy Dr’s etc.. same as how Australia is living atm. Have to wear a mask now when you go out in public and still have to distance yourself at least 1 metre apart. Singapore is strict with rules so they will have everything marked out in there shopping centres etc..

8.What do you find the hardest about your situation right now?

I really don’t have any tips. But I feel for those of us her likes socialising like I do.

Isolation tips

9. Do you have any tips for anyone in lock down or self isolation?

I really don’t have any tips. But I feel for those of us who like socialising like I do. It is a must that you communicate every day. Go on Facebook. Talk to family etc.. Don’t stress about it. Just get on with it. It will soon blow over this style of living. To be honest with you I am blessed because I don’t have children to homeschool like my neighbours have to. So it is relatively easy. Also I have my husband who after 28 years of marriage we still get on. I love him being around. We have spent most of our lives separated due to him being in the Navy. So I am actually at my happiest right now. I also have to say. When my husband was on Submarines he would go on deployment for months at a time. and in those days we had no communication at all. And I would be in Perth with no family support and child or children. All three of my kids had learning disorders so it was really tough on my own. So I guess you can see I am a veteran at this.

10. What are you doing differently now compared to a few months ago?

The only thing I am doing differently is not going out as much. I watch a lot of TV and am constantly on the computer playing Scrabble and talking on Facebook. Instead of going to the Gym I do virtual classes with my gym instructor. So I am very grateful for technology. I am a positive person to. It helps to not dwell on anything negative and look forward to your future .

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