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Singapore inspired gin – made by women for women!


I could not wrap up this week without celebrating a company established by women for a gin with many feminine characteristics and almost feels like it was made, especially for us women! With a name like Soulsister, how could I not be somewhat curious about what this beverage is all about? 

I wasn’t surprised when I finally got the opportunity to meet the women in question. All confident women from various backgrounds, who were all sharp, witty, and remarkably passionate about the creation of SoulSister Spirits. Who wouldn’t be inspired to try this beverage when made with so much love and pride. 

So let’s start at the beginning – For those in Singapore who have yet to hear the name Gains Brands International, then you are missing out!  Gain Brands International was established in 2015 and has branches in Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Indonesia. With Gain Brands International, you can purchase many types of luxurious brands of alcohol from all over the world. 

SoulSister gin

So from here (and of course, the rapid growth of the gin population worldwide), the idea of SoulSister Spirits came about; why not produce a world-class gin here in Singapore with local Botanics that perfectly suit the South East Asian climate.

With years of combined gin experience, the women and local distiller produced a tropical gin with an Asian twist. This London dry gin is different from most I have tried (and can I say, I have tried quite a few in my time) as its smoother, gentler and the aroma makes me feel like I am home. 

When sipping SoulSister gin, I notice the lemongrass and kaffir lime first, which is a refreshing welcome in this hot and humid island country. After it hits the palate, there is a range of exciting flavours to enjoy. These include spicy notes of galangal, hints of juniper, tamarind, Ceylon, cinnamon and coriander seed. 

SoulSister gin

It is recommended with skinny tonic water, and Garnishes include Lemongrass stalk & whole kaffir lime leaf (finely slice strips at the top of the lemongrass stalk, brush around the rim of the glass & use as a stirrer)/lime wedge.

So it is safe to say, this is now my “go-to” drink in hot and humid Singapore; it is everything that the women promised, whether you like it neat, on the rocks or with a bit of tonic SoulSister’s has got it right on all occasions, I know because I have tried them all!

I am not sure what you are doing this weekend; I know where I will be, at home sipping my icy cold gin and tonic!

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Soul Sister gin

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