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Singapore gift ideas to take home this Christmas

I am heading home to Sydney, Australia, for Christmas this year, and I have decided to take a little bit of Singapore with me. So I have been attending Christmas fairs, researching some shop ideas and doing a little shopping myself (I know it wasn’t


Top Tips For Traveling To Australia For The First Time

Australia is a faraway land for anyone that finds themselves on the other side of the planet. For those in Europe, for example, coming to Australia often includes a long-haul flight and a lot of budgeting to make it happen. However, Australia has a lot to offer, and if it’s a travel

packing a suitcase

Living Down Under: 7 Tips For Moving To Australia

Thinking of moving to Australia? Whether you’re planning to live there for a few months or a permanent move, it’s worth considering a few tips to help make your move successful. Decide where in Australia First, you need to consider where you’d like to live

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