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Top Tips For Traveling To Australia For The First Time

Australia is a faraway land for anyone that finds themselves on the other side of the planet. For those in Europe, for example, coming to Australia often includes a long-haul flight and a lot of budgeting to make it happen. However, Australia has a lot to offer, and if it’s a travel

packing a suitcase

Living Down Under: 7 Tips For Moving To Australia

Thinking of moving to Australia? Whether you’re planning to live there for a few months or a permanent move, it’s worth considering a few tips to help make your move successful. Decide where in Australia First, you need to consider where you’d like to live

sunshine coast

How To Make The Most Of The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is known for being one of the most beautiful spots to explore in Australia. Anyone living there would likely touch upon the gorgeous and luscious beaches, the vibrant forests, and a laid-back atmosphere that’s bound to attract all types of tourists. If there’s an



A few things happened to me the past week; one of my Seoul Sisters moved to Singapore, and a good friend from Singapore went on holiday to Seoul. It stirred up a few fond memories of my time in South Korea. So, where was that