Dining with fish

We found this delight whilst visiting the Resorts World Sentosa Aquarium. We stumbled on the underwater restaurant where you can go dining with the fish tucked away against the wall of the most prominent tank in the aquarium. Thinking we could pop in for a quick drink or lunch, the maître d headed us off at the entrance.

“Do you have a reservation, please?” “Oh, no,” we said… looking like one does after 30 mins walking in the Singaporean heat… hot sweat and sporty and not at all equipped for the salubrious restaurant behind him… 

After the visit to the aquarium, we scoured the web looking for the “Ocean Restaurant” Resorts World Sentosa… and booked our dining with the fish experience.

Dining with the fishes

What did we know, and why did we go?

Well, all we knew was that this was an experience not to be missed and that Oliver Bellin, the new in-house chef from France, has taken over from Cat Cora; he has two Michelin stars under his belt. Ocean Restaurant is a fine dining experience. 

Leading up to the reservation, we received many emails about what we could or couldn’t wear; how long they would hold our table. Were we sure we were coming? … and if we were not coming, they could claim damages or worse, feed you to the fish…

The gist of these emails was that no sportswear, shorts, flip-flops or casual sandals for men and women were the same except formal sandals. No cakes for birthdays, but they could provide one through their exquisite pastry chef. Table reservations were held for 15 mins, and a deposit is taken for the table, and you need to give them notice seven days before cancellation. Rather than the standard 24-48 hours… You can’t enter through the aquarium in the evening as it closes at 5 pm. The cartwheels, flips, and jumps were intense, but in our hearts, we felt it was worth it… Was it? Read on to see.


Getting to Resorts World Sentosa and Ocean Restaurant

We got to the restaurant for our dining with the fish experience from the Sentosa Express, which wasn’t close; we thought we would wing it and head to the aquarium… we were wrong…  

These were the directions.

Get off at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) Station in Sentosa, 

Walk towards the left to Festive Walk 

Enter the Hotel Michael lobby, 

Look out for the iconic Botero statues. 

Exit the lobby on the other side and take the less-than-exciting free shuttle to Equarius Hotel. (Find the golden egg, and take it to its leader.)

From Equarius Hotel, take the lift to Level B1M and walk across the car park to the entrance of Ocean Restaurant. 

They obviously were worried about us and gave us a golf cart to ensure we got there in one piece. If you want a fuss-free experience without the added treasure hunt, I would travel there by taxi

Sentosa Island

What to expect on Arrival 

We were warmly welcomed into the lounge for our dining with fish experience and pre-seated with a digital menu for pre-dinner drinks. As always, being a champagne girl, I opted for a glass of their house champagne, and I was suitably impressed as it was crisp and not too dry. 

They had an array of cocktails and aperitifs to prepare for the dining experience. My nephew ordered a beer and received it in an impressive chilled silver tankard—quite the experience for a first-time fine diner and underwater restaurant experience.

Once our table was ready, we were ushered into the dining room, where collectively, the sharp intake of breath and the wonder that was palpable at the sheer size of the aquarium before us. 

It was incredible; I could not imagine anyone walking into this dark space with the ethereal aqua-blue glow from the tank and the astonishing sight behind the thick glass walls and not being impressed. But, instead, what ensued was immediate calm and awe of the 40,000 different ocean organisms swimming behind that wall of glass from which you are only centimetres.

Dining with the fish

The dining with fish experience

We were then presented with the choice between 6-8 courses. The six courses allowed one to choose between the cold dishes and two from the hot starters. There were appetite cleansers between each course, including an additional dessert and some petit fours. We went for the six courses, and there was wine pairing which we skipped and opted for a bottle to share. 

While the wine menu was extensive, we wanted suggestions from the sommelier. Unfortunately, he wasn’t available. First, we settled on my husband’s favourite grape, a Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough. This bottle was not what we expected. Being bought up in this region, we were shocked that this was the bottle they had chosen to pair with this beautifully designed menu, and we were saddened that there hadn’t been a better representation from New Zealand. Since it was a memorable evening, we decided to stick with Champagne and had a Delamotte, Blanc de Blanc from France. After all, doesn’t Champagne go with everything?

Dining with the fish

I chose cauliflower cream with squid ink and Kavari caviar for the first course. It was divine, so smooth and rich; I decided on the oyster and scallop dishes, which were exceptionally well seasoned and fresh. The oyster dish also came with oyster leaves, incredibly similar to the oyster flavour; I’d never tried this before and was suitably impressed with the flavour punch. The main course was served, Dover sole was exquisite, and Wagyu beef was delicious; although I find wagyu a little on the fatty side, those who love that side will be in heaven! I had to wash it down with a classic 2019 Janasse Châteauneuf-du-Pape. That did the trick and paired well with the chocolate tart served. I am still dreaming of this pairing today… 

Dining with the fish

The Underwater Dining Entertainment

During our dinner, we were graced with an elegant squadron of 3 manta rays named Mako, Manja and Mika. They stole the show! The Ocean restaurant’s intelligent lighting and clever underwater dining simulation were so well designed that there was no reflection off the glass so that you could take photos without any light bouncing off your camera lens. 

The Dining With Fish Restaurant details

The Ocean Restaurant only seats 50 diners, so bookings are imperative, hence the strict cancellation policy.

Opening times: 

Open seven days a week

Lunch Operating Hours 

11.30 am – 3 pm 

Dinner Operating Hours  

6.00 pm – 10:30 pm 

Dining with fish


Check out their holiday dining menu:

This article was written by Rachel Beausang, who has been travelling since she was a dot. Conceived in the Atlantic, great travel things were coming her way from an early age.

Embarking on a global travel adventure at the tender age of 18, backpacking and living in various places from Seattle to Israel and everywhere in between. She has a background in Travel and Tourism. Singapore is her current base with her equally travel-insane husband, Mats. They sleep, dream, write and eat “travel. One-day they hope for world domination or just retirement with a continuous ticket to anywhere will suffice.

She can be reached on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Dining with the fish

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