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Jenny buck expat stories

Expat stories!

Tell us a little about yourself, 

1 Where do you live now and how long have you been there?

Hong Kong, been here for 25 years!

2 What do you love about where you live now?

The proximity of the countryside to the city, so it’s easy to get to hiking trails.

3. How is it different to your home country?

So much!

4.What frustrates you about your host country?

Not speaking the language. Cantonese is very hard to learn.

The CoronaVirus

5.How has the CoronaVirus effected you?

School closure for 10 weeks now is the biggest thing. The whole family have been at home most of this time. I’m going out for work about 50% less than normal.

6 Where are you now and where is the rest of your family?

All together at home in Hong Kong. Extended family are in the UK and US

7.Are you in self-isolation, lock down or are you social distancing and what rules do you need to follow?

There’s no lockdown in Hong Kong, only a 14-day lockdown for people returning from overseas, who are not allowed to leave their front door. Since the past week new rules are no gatherings in public of more than four people, bars are closed, restaurants need to have 1.5 metres between tables. We have been social distancing beyond this but it’s not a requirement.

8.What do you find the hardest about your situation right now?

Worrying about family in worse affected places. Not being able to plan anything.

Isolation tips

9. Do you have any tips for anyone in lock down or self isolation?

Accept offers of help from friends, neighbours and community organisations. Stay engaged socially via online means.

10. What are you doing differently now compared to a few months ago?

Socialising online. Avoiding unnecessary trips and crowds. Using extra time to get really fit, which gives me a sense of purpose and emotional balance.

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