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The Best Nightlife Melbourne Has To Offer Everyone!

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Anybody looking for things to do in Melbourne has an infinite amount of options. Of course, we’ve all got plenty of opportunities to go on day trips and enjoy the scenery, but what about the nightlife? Melbourne is officially one of the most attractive and livable places on Earth, and if this means you have an urge to peruse the nightlife, there’s plenty to choose from in this vibrant city. These quiet streets come alive when the sun goes down; from theatres to restaurants, bars and clubs, you’ve got a lot to pick from here. 

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What Is on Offer?

Melbourne nightlife offers a frothy mixture of Melbourne nightclubs, places to play games like pool and bowling, and entertainment such as karaoke and movie theatres. Even casinos and jungle safaris are on offer during the night! The best nightlife has so many gaming alleys as well; if you want to play ping pong, pool, or even a round of golf, you’ve got plenty to do with friends. There are also plenty of extravagant sports bars and karaoke clubs with live band performances if this is your type of thing. Here are some highlights for all types of interests.

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The Best Late-Night Restaurant: Cumulus Inc

Cumulus Inc is a very hip yet delicious wine bar. This upmarket cafe is perfect if you want to relax with a glass of wine. But there’s plenty of amazing food as well. If you want something light, you can have anchovies on toast (if you like that sort of thing), but if you’re going to fill your boots, you can gorge on the mouth-watering ribeye steak! 

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The Best Bar: Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker is a place that offers sheer excitement every single evening. With a fantastic cocktail lounge that plays terrific rock and roll hits from the 60s and sells takeaway liquor late into the night, this is one of the best CBD (Central Business District) retreats when you are in Melbourne. 

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The Best Nightclub: Revolver Upstairs

Even if you don’t think yourself young or hip enough to go clubbing, the fact is that this is a very classy location that offers impressive nightlife and is one of the most popular places to visit when the sun goes down in Melbourne. When you visit this nightclub on Chapel Street and party into the early hours, there’s also plenty of fast food and breakfast on offer! 

revolver upstairs

The Best Places for Non-Drinkers: Comic’s Lounge 

You don’t have to go and consume vast quantities of alcohol to have a good time! There are actually a few great options here for you. The Comic’s Lounge always boasts a variety of notable comedians! But you can also head for a game of bowling at Strike. There are also plenty of other opportunities here, including laser tag and escape rooms! 

The nightlife of Melbourne has a lot going for it. So whatever age you are and whatever you want to do, you are truly spoilt for choice regarding the nightlife Melbourne offers!


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The best nightlife in Melbourne

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