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My first visitor in over two years

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It is hard to believe that I have not had a visitor in over two years. I had forgotten how fun it is to be picking someone up from the airport until now! I have just received my first visitor in over two years, and I could not be happier to be picking my baby girl up from the airport. 

We have decided to go on a girl’s trip as a graduation present, and the only way to get there is via Singapore, so I get the pleasure of spending a few days at our home in Singapore with my favourite 21-year-old.

It felt strange on my way to the airport; in fact, I wasn’t even sure it was possible to pick her up. Since every time I had travelled in the past two years, there were restrictions in place to prevent the passengers from being in contact with anyone outside of the airport staff. Nevertheless, I was so excited to be seeing her even though it had only been two months since I was last in Sydney. 

I felt like the night before Christmas, and I was waiting for Santa to arrive, the taxi driver told me that he had never seen anyone so excited! So yep, definitely felt like a kid in a candy store. 

Once I arrived at the airport, I soon discovered that there were new protocols in place, and there were many more armed guards patrolling the airport than I ever remember before. I was stunned by how busy the airport was actually; it was nice to see the buzz back in the airport again. 

It is pretty easy to navigate; as there is only one way out now, and once you spot your passenger, you are allowed to enter the area to welcome them and then whisk them off to either a taxi or car (no public transport is allowed until you have taken a rapid antigen test at home first). 

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So once we arrived home, settled in for a while, took our test and uploaded it, we were about to head out into the Singapore streets. I had forgotten how nice it is to see Singapore through fresh eyes. Yes, she has been here many times before, but it is nice to reintroduce her to her second home. 

We decided to go to universal studios, which we had not been to in about three years. Sure, the crowds were not as we remember them and purchasing an express pass allowed us to ditch the long lines of certain rides, but the buzz was back, and it was nice to be there strangely enough, even at my age. 

We have been out to a few restaurants, done a little shopping, lazed around the house like old times and had a few drinks on the top of Marina Bay Sands. It has been lovely to have her presence in the home; it is nice to revisit tourist spots that I had forgotten Singapore offers. I sometimes think (especially in the past two years) that we fail to appreciate our host country and look at its beauty and uniqueness. 

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I look forward to spending one more day playing tourist before heading off on our girl’s trip (the first international holiday I have had since early 2020.) We have had our PCR tests, filled out all the paperwork, booked our tickets, and we are ready and waiting in anticipation of what the next week will bring. 

I am very excited to welcome guests back to our home in Singapore. It almost feels like the world (well, not everywhere) has become a little more normal again. At least the new ordinary anyway.

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my first visitor in over two years

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