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The best expat focus podcasts to get you through isolation

expat focus podcasts

How are you filling up your time in isolation? What is your downtime looking like, if you can’t go outside? Are you turning to a good book or a great podcast? Well, for me, I find myself moving towards podcasts more often than not. Whether I am mopping the floor or walking the dog, podcasts seem to be my new guilty pleasure, and I have been driven towards expat focus podcasts lately. So here I share my new guilty pleasure and give you the best expat focus podcasts to get through isolation.

Expat Focus Podcasts

Two Fat Expats

I am not aware of any expat that hasn’t at least heard of this dynamic duo! Two well-seasoned expatriates with numerous destinations between them and a wealth of knowledge that comes along with it. I find their Aussie humour hilarious, and you can often find me laughing along with them while I am walking the dog. Kirsty and Nikki live in two different countries but have similar experiences that have you nodding along with many of their conversations on two fat expats podcast.

Aussie Expat Podcast

Brett is an Aussie expat who discusses everything you need to know about wealth management. Aussie Expat Podcast explains the more serious side of living abroad, topics about bonds, property market, taxes and everything in between. This podcast is aimed towards Aussie Expats who are based all around the world.

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The lost geographer

Rohith’s podcast The lost geographer is a unique podcast that focuses on different cultures around the world. He discusses many different countries, the culture of those countries and shares various stories by locals. This entertaining podcast has now started interviewing expats and discussing their stories. These real-life stories are both intriguing and exciting and have me coming back each week for more.

Mindful Expat, with Dana Nelson, Ph D

Dana talks about all things mindfulness for expats, she is a wealth of knowledge in all areas of well being. Mindful Expat often has some interesting guests who also come with many different expertise. This expat focus podcast talks a lot about the emotional side of being an expat.


Expat focus

Expat focus is just that, an expat focus podcast. Carly chats to many different expats in many different countries. This expat focus podcast tackles subjects such as “how to enjoy expat life in Malta” and “how to integrate into life in Switzerland”. Many topics are country-specific but worth listening to if you are interested in expat life.

The expat repat podcast

The Expat Repat Podcast is for expats, who are considering repatriating back to their homeland or who have already repatriated. Lindsey is a former American expat who guests include expats (or repats) from all around the world. I love listening to the many different stories of each individual’s personal journey. The good, the bad and the ugly!

The Enterprising Expat

The enterprising expat is a reasonably new podcast in comparison to the other ones I’ve mentioned. Patricia speaks to many different women about their expat life who are working and living abroad. The Enterprising Expat inspires women and digital nomads by giving advise on starting and/or growing your business overseas.

expat focus podcasts

Other non-expat focus podcasts worth mentioning

The five of my life

Nigel speaks to influential guests about their lives; he asks each guest to come prepared with their favourite Film, Book, Song, Place & Possession and discusses the stories behind them. The five of my life does some research themselves and digs deep into the meaning behind each of guests choices, and here they discuss them in great depth. It is an excellent insight into well known Australians, which you wouldn’t have heard anywhere else.

Travel Fuels Life

Travel Fuels Life talks about everything there is to know about travel, so for those who like to discover the world as much as I do; this is a great podcast. Drew has some exciting guests that he interviews and they all have amazing stories to tell. Drew has some great travel stories himself that include tips and hacks about travelling.

I would love to hear anybody else’s podcast recommendations; I find myself leaning more and more towards a range of different podcasts. So whether you have an expat focus podcast or a daily podcast that has sparked your interest, I would love to hear it.


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  1. Great! recently i’ve been loving podcasts to keep me busy and have a positive mindset through quarantine and I tried these suggestions the other day and they are great!

    1. Paula Barreca Barnes

      Thanks Kirsty, podcasts are my new obsession. I find myself listening more than watching these days.

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