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The best part of having a daughter who has just turned 19.


She is now 19!!!

So here I am, a mother of a daughter who has just turned 19. Yeah, yeah, I know It could be all doom and gloom. You know the story, my baby has gone, or I can no longer dress my baby in cute little dresses, or I’ve lost her now for good.

Mother daughter
Mother Daughter

But I have to say, I feel the complete opposite, yeah sure no more pretty dresses or baby cuteness now but In its place is something more precious. I now have a gorgeous girl I can have long-winded chats about nothing. You know the type, discussions about reality tv shows and our in-depth talks about life, in general.

I love having a daughter who has just turned 19 because I love our girly days that consist of our unique spa treatments and shopping. Who would have thought this once tomboy turned gorgeous young lady has now swapped her board shorts for skirts (well most of the time anyway). She still loves her sports and roughing it with her brothers, but she now has a softer side which I love.

The best part of having a daughter who has just turned 19.

Having a daughter that is now old enough to be drinking alcohol, driving a car and attending university is such a beautiful stage in our relationship. She’s now become a person I can confide in, a person who I can rely on and of course a person I can trust wholeheartedly, this daughter of mine has developed into a beautiful young lady.

Long gone are the days of endless cartwheels and handstands, (well for the most part anyway). Although these days my lounge room is still a right of passage for tackling her brothers (not sure that will ever change), we now love to curl up on the lounge and watch total mindless tv together.

I also love the special bond she has with her dad. Their time together even from a young age was special And as time has passed, this bond has only gotten stronger with her love of rugby a bonus in daddy’s eyes.

Father daughter bond
Father Daughter Bond

The best part of having a daughter who has just turned 19, is that I love watching her protective arm she has around her younger brother, that motherly instinct creeps up and stands in my place when I’m away.

Her place as the little sister is also one that is developing. Although these two are now living together full time, they get along (well most of the time anyway), when they aren’t arguing about dishes and laundry they are laughing and competing with each other in everything from walking handstands and tackling techniques.


She is pretty special this daughter of mine, and although she can be as stubborn as a mule sometimes, in a blink of an eye and without hesitation, she will stand up for what she believes in and for others around her, no matter what the consequences. Although she can be shy, this year has seen her step out of her comfort zone on more occasions than not. Which I couldn’t be prouder!

Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye, but she will always be one of my favourite humans. She is my best friend, and my mini-me all rolled into one: and for that, and many other reasons I love her with all of my heart. Happy birthday baby girl, keep reaching for those stars x

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