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To my dear son, on his 21st birthday

21st birthday

On your 21st birthday

How do I start a letter that is 21 years in the making? How do I explain to you how very fortunate I am to call you my son and even more so on your 21st birthday? I have loved you since I first laid eyes on you, forever crying (yes, that is actually all you did for the first six weeks of your life). Never sleeping (how things have changed) and always ready to see what the day will bring. So here we are on your 21st birthday.

Nothing much has changed since the first day I brought you home from the hospital (well, maybe the crying has ceased). You have always been my bundle of energy, always asking a million questions, always wanting to kick the ball and although you may no longer sleep with your rugby ball before a game (yes, I have photos to prove it), but you do still carry a ball everywhere you go. Even now, I am sure if I opened the boot of your car, you would have at least two footies on the ready.

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You really were a fantastic baby, crawling at almost five months and then walking at 8.5 months. No wonder I was skinny back then!!! You could drop-kick a ball by the time you were 18 months; which of course was my party trick. Your love of superman moved to Harry Potter and then Star Wars. I think some things actually never change.

You have always been a quiet achiever, never wanting to bring attention to your self. Which you had no chance with a mother like me (sorry, son). Your humbleness is something I admire about you. Your great sportsmanship in all that you do and your loyalty to those who you value the most.

21st birthday

Although we often butt heads (more often than not), I think for the most parts it is who you are and the beliefs that you now have. You have never been one to worry what others may think if your views do not match theirs. Instead stood up for what and who you believe in, (even when they don’t necessarily match mine).

So, although I am not handing you a key on your 21st birthday which is significant to this part of your life (I think I gave that to you prematurely at 18). I am giving you a pat on the back for turning out to be a young man I am super proud to call my son. A young man with a big heart, a smart mind and a loyal personality.

Thank you for at times when our roles get reversed. When you give me sound advice, thank you for taking care of your siblings when I am abroad and thank you for being you.

21 years in the making

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