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What is self-isolation like so far?


Okay, so I flew into Sydney International Airport early yesterday morning from Singapore,  knowing that I will have to be in self-isolation for two weeks. I usually fly in, and there is chaos as everyone fights their way to immigration.

Arriving early in the morning ensures that I land into turmoil. There are always lines to scan my passport or to get through immigration. I even find it difficult to find a spot that I can see my luggage go by on the baggage carousel. Well, until now! There were very few flights arriving, and the ones that arrived had very few passengers.

If it wasn’t enough that men in quarantine suits escorted a man off the plane before we could all depart, the rather charming immigration officer decided that I would be her first victim of the day. She thought it was in her best interest to put me in my place!

She reminded me of a school teacher I had back in secondary school, who didn’t like me either. Her sarcasm and abruptness were so inviting at 6 am after 3 hours sleep, so thank you for the warm welcome back into Australia. (Now it is my turn to be sarcastic).


Day one of self-isolation

Anyway, let’s fast forward a bit. I am here at home in Sydney in self-isolation the best I know-how. I. have read everything I could find on the internet, listening to the news and a few podcasts because I have the kids here under my roof, so we are trying self-distancing (which is harder than you think). I have an E.A mask on; I am wiping down benches after I touch them and I am not eating when they are.

I am not using the bathrooms on the main floor, so if I need to go to the toilet, then I use my ensuite which wouldn’t be a problem if I hadn’t had knee surgery not so long ago.

Things at home aren’t all that different to be honest, with young adults in the house (unless they are hungry) they have isolated themselves in their bedrooms (as usual) so for the most part, I am free to walk the home as I please!

I spent yesterday disinfecting the entire home, which I can tell you exhausted me. I didn’t have to worry about infecting the kids because they were in no way near me, or offered to help I might add, the entire time. I think one (conveniently) went out, and the other one was asleep in bed!

home alone

Day two

Day two has also been fine, after cleaning out the laundry (yep, even those cupboards full of stuff), rearranging a thing or two and catching up on all the laundry that isn’t mine; I now have time to sit and do some work. Don’t worry, they were both occupied again while I was cleaning, so there was no way they could volunteer to help me – phew!

Tomorrow I intend to tackle the windows (I don’t think they have been a priority for the kids since I was gone) so that I can see more than dirty fingers marks when looking out into the backyard. I am however grateful that one child took the dog for a walk and the other child picked up some gym equipment I ordered online so that tomorrow rehab starts again.

I am also excited to have my bike arrive tomorrow; I ordered an exercise bike online before arriving as I knew I would be in isolation for two weeks. On the bright side, I have wanted this bike for a while, so it was the perfect excuse to purchase one now. Now I can enjoy a spin class in the privacy of my own home!

working from home

Things to keep me busy while I am in self-isolation

I have a list of things I have decided to do while I am here is self-isolation (besides cleaning the house), and so here they are:

  • Now is a great time to catch up on some work! With the uncertainty of whether my travel plans will go ahead or not mid-year, now is an excellent time to come up with some contingency plans. I also have a load of admin I have been putting off for a couple of months, so I now have no excuse.
  • I signed up for two online courses a while ago, so no time like the present! Who knows I may even sign up for more (or is that over-enthusiastic right now).
  • Continue with my rehab, now that I purchased some gym equipment, there is no excuse not to keep going with it. Even when self-isolation is over, the bike will hopefully keep me motivated on days when the gym is hard to squeeze in.
  • Catch up on some gardening. Can I tell you this is my most hated job of all!!! But I am guessing that staying inside I will go a little stir crazy (I am a sunshine type of girl), so I may even look forward to it.
  • Loads of catchups, although this will not be at a coffee shop or restaurant, technology will allow me to facetime, skype and chat virtually. We may not be able to clink our glasses together over a wine or two, but at least I’ll be able to talk to friends and family to keep me sane.
  • Get back into yoga and mediation! Thank you youtube, what would I do without technology, now there’s a thought! Imagine how many times I would have to play the same yoga video before it would feel like groundhog day!
  • Watch all the mindless tv that my husband hates. Yes! Loads of trashy tv shows to keep me company when I have some downtime.

In conclusion, I am dreading what day fourteen will feel like though, will I have gone crazy by then? Am I noticing every little speck of dust, now that I am isolated, so will this drive me mad? Will the kids like me by the end of it all? Will I end up the oldest person on TikTok?

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