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Would you fly Scoot Business Class?

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Although I am usually a one world alliance type of traveller, I decided to try Scoot Business Class for two reasons. That is loads of my Australian friends in Singapore suggested I try Scoot Business class and because school holidays had pushed the flight prices up to a ridiculous amount.



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It is pretty straight forward, as simple as any other airline. I didn’t find it confusing in any way, and like all other budget airlines, Scoot has. Food and baggage as an option. Business-class has the added luxury of the following

  • 30kg check-in baggage (sum of the length, width and height should not exceed 158cm or 62 inches)
  • 15kg of Hand Luggage
  • meals
  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • with in-seat power to charge your devices and 30MB WI-FI so you can stay connected.
  • Free seat selection

So far, so good!

Scoot Business Class


If you would like to fly Scoot economy instead, then ensure you hop online (if you are lucky enough to find a flight) as Scoot now has escape class, which means last-minute bookings at unbeatable prices. It goes by zones, so the further the zone, the more expensive (still much more affordable than other airlines). Great if you are flexible on date and/or location.

There is even ScootINsilence for those of us who are past the baby stage in our lives. Yet seem to sit beside them on every flight! I love the fact that you must be over 12 years old to sit in this section, which I will be opting for when I fly scoot economy on my next trip.

Scoot Business Class


I am not sure what other airports are like, but Coolangatta Airport in the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia), is tiny in comparison to others around the globe. There were no lounges for Scoot or any luxury seating to be found. We arrived 2 hours before our flight and were grateful to be able to take full advantage of our Scootbiz check-in. Checking in early allowed us to be in and out in no time, with the line in the economy being somewhat huge.

However, my advice to you is this – for Scootbiz passengers, there is no need to arrive too early if you do choose to reach the airport 2 hours before your flight then be aware that immigration will not be open. We were left stranded for about 30 minutes. Still, I would rather be sipping on a coffee at the coffee shop than waiting an extra 30 minutes in the economy line at check-in.


At first glance, the seats were impressive, as large and roomy as any short distance business class trip I have taken. The seats do not lay flat, but who needs it when it is a day flight anyway? I would think that even flying on a night flight; it would have to be roomier than any economy seat on any other airline. I love the width and length (I am only 5’3, so this might not mean much to most), and there is also plenty of arm space between myself and the person next to me – bonus!

Okay, after a while and on closer inspection of the seats on Scoot, they are looking a little tired. Still, they are comfortable, and for the cost of the ticket, I am not complaining. If I compare this to Air Asia, for example, I will choose Scootbiz over Air Asia Premium class any day (but that is just me because we all know how much I love Air Asia)!!


Well, we weren’t sure if there was going to be any inflight entertainment, so we each downloaded a few movies off Netflix to watch just in case. I am glad we did because we weren’t aware that we needed the Scoot entertainment app to view the inflight entertainment via the wifi service they have onboard. The information might have been helpful online during the booking stage; anyways, we were lucky we had come prepared, however, for those who were in the know (which wasn’t us). A wifi password is given to you once on board so that you can log in and watch for free.


The food on Scoot was okay. I have eaten worse on an economy flight before; I am not going to say it was a typical business-class meal, because it was not! But it was eatable; they did give you water on arrival (even though it was tiny and could be gulped down in one go). If you aren’t happy, then there is always the option to purchase something else from the menu (at a cost of course), and the prices are what you would expect to pay in any takeaway restaurant in Singapore and Australia.

Scoot Business Class


Would I fly Scootbiz again? Do I think it is worth it?

Well, considering Qantas economy was more expensive at the time of the booking, I would have to say yes, and this is my reasoning.

  • The seats are far more comfortable than the economy seats in Qantas.
  • The luxury of checking in and boarding first is a bonus that allows you to get yourself comfortable before take-off and not have a fight for overhead luggage space with other passengers.
  • The quietness outways the franticness of economy on Qantas or any other airline; the entire trip was in total peace.
  • The cost difference when three of us were flying is this, at the time of the booking, it was $AU1200 per person one way, and Scoot was $AU500 per person one way. Qantas isn’t usually that expensive but considering we flew early December well then well it’s a no brainer.
  • However, if you are a member of Krisflyer, then you will receive loyalty points.

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