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Moving our dog for the final time.

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We have discussed the topic of moving our dog long and hard. It is a topic that has been thrown around since the kids have all moved back to Australia. When is Samara coming home? It is a funny thing that our dog was born in Seoul. So coming home, well she has never lived in Australia, but home is where the kids are, I guess! So we thought it might be time to move our dog home now.

My fur baby has been with us for nine years, bought her in Seoul from a dog rescue place (she was found tied up to a pole, with her brother and mother). We initially went around to check her out, to have a look, with a thought of coming back if she was the right fit for the family. But she had me at “hello”, she was shy, quiet and so anxious. She was yet to grow into her features with big drooping ears and the most prominent brown eyes. So we scooped her up and carried her home, so unprepared now I think about it.



It was late November, so it was cold and snowing when we arrived home, so taking her out for a walk was to prove much more complicated then we imagined. She hated the touch of the snow, so an inside dog she became.

A short time later we were moving to Tokyo, with very little notice so at first, she stayed with a friend and then in a pet hotel as she needed to be in the country for a total of 6 months from the time we started the moving process. By the time we moved our dog to Tokyo, she was skinny, frightened, and so poorly treated, we were devastated. We were a novice at transporting animals, and it was an eye-opener to what we didn’t want to happen, if and when we move our dog again.


When we moved to Hong Kong, moving our dog was easier, swifter and she arrived in much better condition (thank you Japan, you really did treat her well). Our special package was treated with the love and respect she deserved.

Her life in Hong Kong was by far the easiest, our hikes were plentiful, and she made many friends in the neighbourhood. You could say that Lantau Island was a dogs heaven and with so many pet lovers life was so much more comfortable with her there.

Well, Kuala Lumpur was to be a little more challenging with rules and regulations about specific breeds of dogs. I quickly learnt that there weren’t as many pet lovers in this country like Hong Kong and Japan. Life here was a little more restrictive with people not wanting to enter our home or walk on the same side of the street as us. Complicated was an understatement.


When we moved to Singapore, life seemed so much better, with loads of parks, many more dogs around and most landlords welcoming pets into their homes. Living here has been good, yes a little more restricted because that is just Singapore, but in fairness a lot easier than Malaysia was.

Now that she has lived in almost as many postings as we have. She is getting older, so if we ever were to move from Singapore, moving our dog down the track will be too difficult. So it is the right time for her to move, it is a good time for the kids to take her into their home and look after her. They are as excited as we are sad, our house really will be empty once she leaves it, I always knew that my children would fly the nest one day, but I never imagined my dog would too.


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