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How to Save Money When Travelling in Australia

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If you’re going to be heading to Australia in the future and you’re already planning your trip, one thing you should think about is how you can do it cheaply and affordably. There are many ways to save money from day to day when you’re travelling through the country, and it doesn’t have to be as expensive as many first-time visitors expect it to be. Find out how to save money effectively below.

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Enjoy Free Activities in the National Parks

One of the best ways to explore Australia is by focusing on the incredible natural landscapes and environments you’ll find all over the country. And the great thing about exploring them and doing activities in nature is that it’s all free. There are so many incredible National parks all across Australia waiting to be explored and made the most of, so why spend money elsewhere?

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Spend Time Camping

Camping is another way of cutting out one of your most significant travel expenses or at least reducing it massively. When you camp, you don’t have to pay for hotels or holiday rentals as you take your time travelling around Australia and really exploring the country. So be sure to spend as much of your time camping if that’s something that appeals to you. It allows you to get back to nature too.


Look for Great Tour Deals

There are so many landscapes in Australia that you’ll want to explore, but they’re often safest and most enjoyable to explore when you take a guided tour from someone who knows more than your google search. Luckily, there are affordable Uluru tours and tours of other natural landscapes in Australia that won’t cost you a fortune. Don’t assume you have to pay a lot to experience an informative and fun tour.


Make Use of the Vast Array of Hostels

There are so many great hostels and places to stay in Australia, so if the idea of camping doesn’t appeal to you so much, you can save a lot of money and access very cheap accommodation if you make the most of the hostels you’ll find in most locations you visit. They tend to be frequented by international travellers and people on gap years.

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Shop at the Markets

When it comes to picking up the essentials and buying food, one great way to save money as you travel in Australia is to use local markets. By shopping at these places and avoiding regular supermarkets and stores, you’ll find much better deals in most cases. You’ll find these markets in most towns and cities, so try to make the most of them. You might be surprised by the bargains you can pick up.

So, next time you’re in Australia or when you head there for the first time, be sure to make the most of these tips for saving money. They all show that travelling through Australia and experiencing the best of what it offers can be affordable for you.

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