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Moving Down Under? Here’s What To Pack

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It’s an exciting decision to make, to choose to move abroad. Moving to Australia from the other side of the world is an adventure, and it’s not one that many are brave enough to go on. Making the hard decisions about what to pack when it comes to going is not an easy time! You need to know what to pack to bring with you before your shipment container with all your worldly possessions arrives. You may be away from all of your furniture for a few weeks longer than usual, and you need to know that you have what you need when you need it!

You may be thinking about van rental to get your bags to the airport, or you may be thinking about hiring a service to ship your stuff faster than your container. However, it would help if you had some of your things with you immediately on landing. You need to know what to put in the suitcase for the flight and what you’ll need in those first few weeks, too. Here we go!

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In The Suitcase

You have to bring a suitcase with you purely for the flight, making sure that you pack it with the essentials. You need to have a spare change of clothes or two, a wash bag with the essentials for your showering and brushing your teeth, and you should keep all of your documents in there, too. 

Some things included can be the print-out of your visa, your passport, your copies of birth certificates and qualifications – everything you may need for your ID when you land. If it’s in your carry-on, it won’t get lost, and you will know exactly where everything is so you can access it without waiting for it to arrive. 

The washbag should only have travel-sized bottles, though, as you can buy the toiletries you need when you land. 

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Remember The Time Of Year

What season are you planning to move in? Remember that the northern hemisphere has different seasons to Australia, so look at the weather for where you are going rather than where you are when you are organising your move. 

Pack clothing that will suit the temperatures in your main luggage, and make sure that you bring the right footwear, too. You may not need to pack the heavy coats – unless you’re heading to Tasmania in winter! You can also shop ahead and know that you have enough for each season, so you don’t have to purchase immediately when you land.


Toys For The Kids

If you won’t see your luggage for few weeks, make sure that you bring your kids some toys, games and tablets in their luggage. They need to have enough to keep them busy until their boxes of toys arrive, and you can ensure that they have this in the carry-on luggage. Take the time to allow the kids to have a say in what to bring, and then pack accordingly so that everyone is happy!

Other things you need to know

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