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Singapore for the festive season

Sinagpore for the festive season

Staying in Singapore for Christmas

Pretty lucky is an understatement when you find yourself doing more than just surviving in your host country. No real language barriers, transport is efficient, the country is not only beautiful but also clean and safe. You make great friends that you know will be around for life, no matter where you will be living in the future. Not a bad place to find yourself when you are stuck in Singapore for the festive season.

People often ask me what my favourite country has been and I always answer “the country I’m living in”. No time for comparisons in the world of expat living. Each assignment is different, each country has its pros and cons, and where postings are concerned, you win some, and you lose some as an expat.

Singapore for the festive season

What will be will be, and you must learn to love where you live because life is tough enough as it is without adding your struggle to love your host country, especially during 2020.

I often wonder if I feel this way because I have been through difficult locations, whether it is a language barrier, brutal weather or a place you don’t feel safe walking the streets. So when you wake up in a city where you don’t feel like you are struggling, something magical starts to happen!

rickshaw uncle

You start to appreciate where you are because you know it isn’t going to be forever. Sure, there are times where sweat is dripping down my back, and my moisturiser is stinging my eyes, but it is a small price to pay in a place like Singapore.

It is a nice change to feel safe walking the streets at night or catching public transport—no need for being paranoid about who is around when you leave the bar and head home alone.

I often walk the streets taking photos, not because I have come across somewhere new, but because I can’t stop taking pictures of the pretty streets and spectacular architecture. I am continually having those “wow” moments as I take in every pretty flower that blooms, and as I appreciate the history around me.

Singapore flowers

I know that this year has made quite a lot of residences in Singapore feel somewhat claustrophobic, somehow highlighting how small this island country really is. As annual trips have been cancelled and most of us are forced to spend time in Singapore instead of travelling abroad. There is still a lot to do in my eyes.

Sure, you can get sucked into eating your way around Singapore (it is very easy to do). But if you are up for a little adventure Singapore has so much to offer. Forget being a typical tourist and hitting the well-known spots that are advertised around the world.

Head out to the little lesser-known museums or explore the many nature reserves that offer so much more than just a walk in the park. Or start a new hobby or explore a new neighbourhood, you will be truly surprised what little hidden gems you may find!

Singapore for the festive season

Sure there will be no white Christmas this year (if that is what you are used to). Still, it is time to take advantage of the staycation deals in Singapore has on offer, and start thinking about the positive things about not having to lug around a suitcase full of presents for Christmas and instead enjoy the Christmas Singapore style.

Swap your mulled wine for a Singapore sling and your hot roast for a cold leg of ham and fresh seafood. Treat yourself to a Christmas lunch at a beautiful hotel or enjoy the fireworks by the harbour. If you become creative, you never know what you may find, sometimes having the right mindset is all you need.

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singapore for the festive season

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