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What Freedom Day means to Sydneysiders right now.

Wow, what a week! This week has been busy, from freedom day and an anniversary spent alone to organising a 21st birthday gathering with restrictions. So how will you remember your first week out of lockdown?

Sydney Australia has finally come out of lockdown for those who have no idea what I am talking about! Sure there are still restrictions in place, and the unvaccinated have to wait until December to have the same type of eased restrictions, but for the 80+ percent of fully vaccinated people in New South Wales, there are celebrations to be had.

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For many, their first taste of freedom day had them booked in for a sit-down meal but for others; it was lining up at midnight for Target or Kmart to open its doors. I think we will all remember our first day of freedom where we could walk around (sure, we still have to wear masks inside and show our vaccination certificate over and over again) somewhat normally.

For me, well, it was my wedding anniversary which was spent alone, with my husband in Hong Kong and me, heading out to a beauty salon or two. But, it is surprising how once considered mundane acts of daily activity has somehow become a reason to celebrate this memorable day of freedom.

There are still parts of Australia in harsh lockdown; borders are still closed for domestic travel, and flights are still limited to enter the country. Still, it is a small win and hopefully something we can be celebrating with the entire National someday soon.

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For the rest of the week, it has been non-stop 21st preparation, although we had to cancel the party some time ago. However, we had to think quickly when the new ease of restrictions came to light and consider what could take its place, so a catered picnic is the best alternative.

The only thing we had not counted on was that we are now at the mercy of the weather Gods with non-stop rain all week and predicted heavy winds on the weekend; for the first time in my life, I have no plan b.

So until the weekend comes around, I think I might have to hold my breath!

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